My Blogiverse, v2.0. Welcome!

It’s been a bit since I got myself in front of the computer and tried blogging.  My personal blog dried up with my father’s death.  And the political blog was just dragging on with increasingly thick posts.  And the whole damn thing was stale.

Meanwhile, I’ve been pounding out the 3x2casts with my buddy Lars.  And it’s been good.  That stream of consciousness attack on miscellaneous subjects has really reminded me what my whole blogging experience was supposed to be about.

So, to get a clean start, I decided to abandon wholesale my political blog and personal blog, as well as that poetry blog I had running for a few months, and move EVERYTHING I had to one shiny new blog centered around my favorite person in the world.

Me.  Yes, I’m still an egomaniacal fuck.  Some new points though.

If you want to revisit my old blogs, a comprehensive list is above in the history under the about tab.  If you want specific content (like the politics), just pick the category on the right (above the Twitter feed).

So any questions, drop them below.  I’m going to try to make the content start flowing in a couple days.  Then I’ll move it to a page, probably with the pertinent comments below.

Anyway, welcome!


About patrickmspeaks

Father, tech-head, political sage, and the Illustrious One of (little) 3x2 fame, I have been blogging for a few years now, and want to stretch in new directions, discover new things, and redefine redefining just for the fun of it. Nonetheless, having produced a pointless paragraph about me, I'll stop before something bursts.
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