The Deader the Better

Happy day it is. I was recovering from another bitch of a headache, trying to get the energy to get the latest 3x2cast edited (it’s not going up until Monday morning), and I get back to the computers to find the joyous news.

Osama Bin Laden is Dead.  Let the condolences go out to his favorite fuck-goat!

Statement by President Obama (partial transcript)
Statements by Former Presidents Bush and Clinton

President Obama just delivered the good news that the administration moved on intelligence and successfully bagged the piece of shit a week ago.  And as this was one of the goals laid out nearly a decade ago when the war against the Islamic terrorists was just getting underway and was as idealistic as hell, there’s a reason for everyone except a few kook fringies to smile, because the world should celebrate pieces of shit being wiped out of existence.

However, we must also keep in mind that we have ended up in two active theaters of conflict, one of which we’ve been in since 2002 (Afghanistan, to be specific).  And the fact that he was killed in Pakistan (and not one of the active theaters) brings two questions to mind:

First, could we have managed to take out al Qaeda without such an expenditure of blood and treasure and freedom?  In this war, we have lost 4,452 of our soldiers so far in military operations hunting down the terrorists.  And as for the surrender of freedom, I can summarize the ridiculousness in three letters, although this is only a single part of a larger problem:  TSA.  The big question is, Was it worth it?

Second, will this be a game changer?  Was this a powerful blow for the forces of good and an effective gimping of al Qaeda operations? Or was this more a symbolic victory, which elicits cheers from everyone in the country, but will mean no real change in the post 9/11 status quo?

These are things to consider as we continue the short-term celebrating.

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