Death, Destruction, News!

I know this won’t be anything new or revolutionary, but I’ve been having the radio on in the morning, and the local news channels must be suffering decreased ratings, because the fear mongering has been ratcheted up from what it usually is.

Last week, it was underage child predators.  Of course, since we can’t know all the details, it could be a 16-year old who was fucking his well-developed 13-year old girlfriend, or a 15-year-old sending pictured of his pecker to girls he likes.  In other words, shit where adult intervention rather than idiot criminalization would be the best solution, especially in an environment where kids are excessively sexualized by the culture.  Of course if it were an 18-year-old banging his 15-year-old girlfriend, then he’d get lumped on the adult predator list.  When he’s not.  Although on the sex offender registry he appears in the same category as  40-year-old perv that raped an 8-year-old.

Yesterday, it was the shock and horror over the fact that the state of Ohio’s Nazi smoking ban (no smoking in any private business) was not being enforced (most fines are not being paid) and that *gasp* bars were ignoring this freedom-raping law.  Considering we’re getting stupid enough that we’re banning smoking OUTSIDE!!!! because one whiff of secondhand smoke apparently will immediately cause an otherwise healthy child to start sporting a pair of cancer-ridden lungs and cause their heart to explode (bullshit, bullshit, bullshit), the failure of the law on practicality and common sense makes my heart warm.  Hell, my father hung up the Nazi smoking ban signs at his business and promptly ignored them immediately (it wasn’t the cigars that killed him as far as we know).  But the reporters on the story were SHOCKED and were sure we all would be too.  “Jubilant” that common sense is winning would be more like it.

And today’s terrible nightmare story of the damned?  I really don’t know, because I got interested in a bagel and cute 5-year old that makes it hard to type by sitting between me and my keyboard, and writing this post.  *revelation*  Ok, just remembered it as I was running through the possibilities for a joke here (proving reality is even funnier).  It was how road construction in Dayton is the next damned thing that’s going to obliterate a busload of nuns and babies becasue there’s SO MUCH and the cars drive SO FAST through them.  Even though I listen to the news most daily and never hear of gratuitous vehicle deaths.

AND in search of today’s horror of horrors, I checked their webpage.  In their Twitter feed (to which I don’t subscribe), is the following tweet with lovely link: “How much do you love your pet? Why sleeping with your favorite pet… could be dangerous!”

I’m getting tired of commercials for news stories I HAVE to watch or I’ll die, my kids will be raped and eaten, and pissed off squirrels will rule the world.  If they’d skip this shit, they could focus on the real news.  There’s plenty.


*projectile vomit for effect*

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  1. dmarks says:

    “Yesterday, it was the shock and horror over the fact that the state of Ohio’s Nazi smoking ban (no smoking in any private business) ”

    I’m all for it, and I’m no Nazi. Smoking is a personal choice. However, smokers routinely like to force others to smoke. By banning it in business and public places, it protects the rights of those who choose not to smoke.

    Forcing others to smoke causes physical harm to them. If we allow this, then should it be OK to tap people on the head with a baseball bat?

    With all the throwing of garbage around, and the insistence on forcing others to smoke, smokers as a whole are sociopathic slobs. Just last week a restaurant I visit had the outdoor landscaping torched by a smoker. Who else loves to throw burning trash on the ground?

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