I Has Me Some Candidates

The subtitle for this post would be “Why It Took Me Four Years to Finally Support Ron Paul.” And it’s because I mentioned Ron Paul (who I support) on Twitter and immediately began hearing from his supporters (more on that below).

Now, in my pursuit of finding candidates I support, I tend to take a larger view.  This is because there is no candidate that is absolutely perfect, and a good (but flawed on a few issues) candidate would be much better than a pseudo-conservative (think McCain) or another four years of Obama (proof our country is fucked).  As it stands, of candidates that I could support and/or vote for in 2012, my current list would be as follows:

1. Gary Johnson
2. Ron Paul
3. Herman Cain

Before those of you in the Ron Paul camp (affectionately known as the Paulistas for reasons I’ll make clear in a bit), let me explain my rationale first before you pop something out through the tinfoil hat.

My choices above represent two goals: finding an ideal candidate and not letting the country slip farther into the monolithic Imperial Federal Government that it has become. And that means electing someone.

Herman Cain would be the first person I threw support behind, mainly because he’s not a political insider, he’s a FairTax supporter, he also has a good understanding of the Constitution (as I did listen to him on the radio), and he had the ability to communicate this effectively in the way that he can generate votes from the dumb (most voters). He will be my primary choice if it’s clear my preferred candidates will not win, and/or if it’s a matter of either Herman or getting saddled with an albatross like Romney/Santorum/Pawlenty/ or one of the other big government puke conservatives, because all the principles in the world don’t matter if you can’t get elected.  It’s a reason Ron Paul is a Republican now, not a member of the Libertarian Party.  Okay….

Ron Paul. Ron. Fucking. Paul. Four years ago, I wouldn’t have supported him against Obama, due to his vehement antiwar stance, the fact that he came off pissed off, and the fact that his base was composed primarily of fucking nutcases. In fact, I dug into the old blog and found my first post where I gave them an ass ripping.  I even ended that post with this:

Hey, Paulaholics: live in the now, please. Or go back to your darkened rooms, your Dungeons and Dragons dice, and the sock you spend Saturday nights with and don’t bother me until 2012.

I should have know, when I wrote it, that someday I might be joining you.  Than, and the country has shifted to where Ron Paul makes a lot more sense, and he seems to have mellowed a little over time (without sacrificing principles).  And I’ve evolved since the 2008 debacle too.  I’m still not convinced that Dr Paul is the answer to all, and you Paulistas still fucking annoy me with the idiot absolutism (click the link for a definition), but until his chances are gone, he’s number two on the list, behind….

Gary Johnson, who really impressed me with the fact that he has a closer worldview than Ron Paul, but comes off saner.  He didn’t win any converts in the first debate.  Personally, I think he’ll be an early dropout.  But he’s the candidate I’d choose first at this point.

So I think that sums up my choices (for now).  So let’s not screw ourselves in 2012.

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