Monday Videos – Good, Bad, and Hellish

The first video features (Israeli-born) rock (and more) legend Gene Simmons, who adds his name to the list of people that are verbally handing President Obama his ass over his stupid statement about Israel last week:

Now the second takes us to tornado ravaged Joplin, Missouri, which has been devastated by a tornado on Sunday.  These people need help, fast.  This is why:

The video from the chaser himself (with watermark) can be seen here.

As of noon today the death toll is at 89, and bound to rise as they continue digging out of the rubble.  Which brings us to the last video.  there’s not a lot of actual video, but this is from someone with a cell phone at the Fastrip on east 20th street in Joplin.  the tornado hits the store at 1:20 in the clip:

Three word: Thoughts, prayers, and donations.


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  1. Toad734 says:

    It’s ironic that now the 67 border is so indefensible but in the 67 war, they had no problem defending it…nor did they have a problem defending it in the 48 war…If they won both of those wars with these borders, how are these borders so indefensible?? Explain…

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