Reflecting on Weinergate

(CAUTION: The subject of this post is a Congressman’s crotch shot with a clearly throbbing member.  The thesaurus is open.  Dick jokes will abound.)

I first heard of this story a little over a week ago, on the weekend.  I didn’t catch the initial flurry from Breitbart’s BigGovernment site, mainly because it’s a partisan hack site, and has been caught using edited videos to advance an agenda.  What I did get was initial tweets refuting the story. So I began my researching.  Mostly it was a single site being instantly refuted.  So the story ranked pretty high on the bullshit-o-meter.  And I figured we’d find out the story in a couple days and it would die.

Then the schlong of the hour, Rep Anthony (the) Weiner (appropriately named, in this case) stepped in front of the mic to tell us what had happened.  Some guy had hacked his account and posted the pecker pic; and he, with his smartphone or computer or whatever laying next to his wedding tackle, quickly deleted it.  Then came the punchline.  When asked if it was, in fact, his meat and two bits under those underoos, he couldn’t confirm or deny it.

This sent the bullshit-o-meter, which had been on the Weiner’s side, to kind of balance out in the “maybe it was his wang” column.  I knew that, at this point, if there was something being covered up and this was his cock, there was more to the story.

Naturally, he went into hiding mode, as government is mostly boring and depressing shit, and the media would keep asking questions and we’d quickly discover if the willie in question was or was not the wiener of Weiner.

So yesterday, as I was drilling holes in a galvanized endcap (as I was building a Steadicam rig (video from 3×2 coming soon)), Weiner was holding a press conference to confirm that the dong in question was, indeed, his John Thomas.

So naturally, the Democrat congressman whose name resembles a penis will not be resigning. On the plus, he and his knob will be a continuing source of humor and will keep him pretty damned impotent for the rest of his term.

Good times.


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