Casey Anthony – Succubus Escapes Justice

I hadn’t really followed the Casey Anthony case closely, as I assumed the evidence would easily convict the twatwagon succubus would tacked to the wall on some charge.  Obviously, that didn’t happen.

I wasn’t shocked she escaped the 1st degree murder conviction, as I never really thought she intended to snuff her daughter. No matter what I say about succubi (and Casey is one), they don’t hate their children.  Of course, they also believe they are good mothers.  The problem is that they are usually good mothers only when it suits them (self-centeredness being a defining trait of a succubus).

However, the fact that she wasn’t convicted of either the lesser manslaughter or child abuse charge?  From the armchair quarterbacking I’ve heard so far, it’s because the prosecutor didn’t get the job done.  That’s fair.  I’d rather be in a situation where the guilty sometime go free rather than the innocent be convicted (which happens in more cases than we’d like to admit).

On the plus side, the bitch has been convicted in the court of public opinion.  And we know the family is hiding shit, and can’t lie very well, since she was convicted on the counts of lying to the cops.  So even if she escapes jail time, she has no future except maybe performing in donkey shows.

Really, the only thing we can hope for is that she finds someone who will tirelessly work to help her find the real killer, then marry him.  Then, hopefully OJ “takes care of her” for us all.

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  1. So do you think we’ll be seeing a Kinky Casey and the Sexy Stud show cropping up soon? Cos, you know we all love Mister Dante… 😉

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