Debating Air Conditioning

Given the state of insulation on my apartment (brick doesn’t really count) and the status of my window air conditioners (one is old and beaten, the other really small), I have to make the decision early in the day if I’m going to run it, as I really can’t make much headway once it gets too hot (11:30am and we’re over 80.  Too late for today.).  So I find myself debating whether or not to run or not run the A/C on any given day.

There are obvious considerations.  Being I work at home, comfort is always a consideration, as are keeping my computers from overheating (the power supply to replace the one with fan issues sits on top of the computer still).  But I also look at health issues.  And my on slothish nature.

For example, I had the A/C cranked up yesterday, and I spent the celebration of our nation’s independence inside almost all day, only venturing out when necessary. So if I have a choice between fresh hot air and working on outside shit and comfortable air and Netflix, I’m going to end up streaming hours of Parking Wars just to laugh at stupid people.

More importantly, there’s the whole air quality issue.  The fact is, unless you live next to something that fills your air with shit (and I’m not talking manure, which is its own various array of fragrances (when spread by the farmers)), the air outside will always improve the air inside your house.  We as a species were not meant to be kept in boxes without fresh air.  Horny Founding Fathers as wise as Benjamin Franklin knew this, even before we understood about dust mites, shedding skin, and airborne viruses.

So since I have the day off today, and I made the call to open the windows last night (and subsequently waited until it was too late), I’m going to roast by the end of the day.  But perhaps that means I’ll kick the kids off the couch and not replace them.

Of course, I can take my laptop outside.


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