On Compromise and the Budget

Yesterday evening I dropped a link to a wonderful video from the Ron Paul campaign, reminding us all how boned the country has become because of the GOP compromising principles to “get things done.”

Naturally, the comment section contained the technically correct comment:

Nothing will be accomplished without compromise, unless you have absolute control.

Fair enough.

The problem is that is that it’s always the conservatives/right/Republicans who have to compromise on principles in order to get things done.  Occasionally, in the past, it’s been a good thing.  The problem is that it ALWAYS involves an expansion of the government, which includes increasing spending.

The problem we now face is that the spending itself continues to spiral out of control.  And the Democrat leadership, along with their nutjob allies who actually deny the issue is spending (more on this insanity in a minute), continues to offer no substantive cuts.  And the GOP, for all their rightness on the principle (this time) can’t manage more than some anemic trims here and there to Democrat pet causes while protecting their own (like defense).  So the middle ground is where we end up as always.  Thus any compromise is a waste of time.

It’s even worse, since the Democrats haven’t really come out with cuts to things like defense, corporate welfare, etc.  Instead, they continue to blather on about new “revenues.”  They mean taxes, which could be justified in their worldview during good economic times.  But in the middle of the recession, when money isn’t really moving?  Take more out of the economy and throw it in the Government money pit? Really?

This stems primarily from assertions from the batshit crazy left that we don’t have a spending problem.  How the fuck do you compromise with people who do not, or will not, see the problem for what it is?

(The answer is you don’t; you make THEM compromise.)

The fact is that, with the minimal exception of the Clinton/GOP congress years, we have been spending and spending and spending, increasing the size and scope of every damned thing, even when we became the uncontested leader (Defense), or the problems were obvious decades ago (Social Security, Medicare).  And every increase has had a good “reason” attached to this by the constituency pushing it.  By 2008, big government in Washington was the solution to everything.  And since Obama’s election, the Bush years have begun to look frugal.

So now we’re in a situation where the country is moving toward the debt ceiling. Again. And there have been few attempts to curb the rampant spending that seems to be the only function in Washington.  And maybe, just maybe, this could lead tothe government really shutting down.  If Minnesota is any example, we’ll find out how many fingers our government has in our lives when the money river dries up.

So here’s where I solve the whole debt ceiling problem, giving each side something out of the deal.  It’s very simple to fix this and come to an agreement by which we can actually begin to address the underlying issue:

1.  Freeze taxes for 10 years at current levels, so that there is no question what the tax rates will be in 2021, unless Congress actively changes them.  This will introduce stability and make figuring out revenues really easy.  And it takes this issue, which should be debated once the economy is rolling along, off the damn table.

2.  Put EVERYTHING on the table to cut.  Nothing is sacred, nothing is exempt.  The only requirements are that we service our existing debt, pay our armed forces, continue paying obligations into which people have paid (like Social Security and Medicare).  And these cuts take place THIS YEAR.  And once they’re on the table, they don’t come off, unless it’s to satisfy the requirements above.

3.  Once the cuts are made, then discussion on raising the debt ceiling can commence.  AND NOT BEFORE.  And the increase cannot be any higher than the amount we cut.

Of course, the down side is that this can’t be done in 2 weeks, unless some serious heads are removed from asses.

There’s your compromise.


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2 Responses to On Compromise and the Budget

  1. Chris Hiatt says:

    “Everything will be accomplished with compromise.”

    – Devalued currency
    – Perpetual War
    – Erosion of Civil Liberties


  2. A reminder. this country would not exist without compromise. The problem lies only when you compromise on principles. Then you get everything above accomplished.

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