Pass the Lube, Please

It’s a matter of formality and voting.  Congress and the White House have taken us to the brink of “disaster” again, only to come up with a compromise no one with a brain can support.  In essence, it’s the Boehner bill with a few tweaks.  Of course, tomorrow being the deadline, they will end up passing that piece of shit so as to maintain the staus quo.  I’ll leave the specifics for people who cover that and don’t mind reiterating how much ass-rape of America is going on.

Liberals and Progressives are being screwed!

This one I don’t mind so much.  Essentially, the Tea Party was able to force this debate into a focus on spending only, which means that all the progressive pipe dreams are getting slowed down.  You have to pick and choose now what new spending you want, because the majority of America has figured out we can’t just keep shoveling money into the giant hole that is Washington.  Your only saving grace is that Washington hasn’t.  And likely won’t, short of full-on r3VOlition (yeah, the Ron Paul kind).

Conservatives and Libertarians are being screwed!

Washington hasn’t earned.  And the establishment hasn’t learned.  They had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the fight to cut government.  And of course, they didn’t with this deal.  They just slowed it down, kicked the can down the road, and put in a framework that will get them through 2012.  So that means a lot of work to throw out the bastards that put us here (hint: I’m in driving range of Bo(eh)ner’s district).

America’s Credit is being screwed!

Remember this part?  Probably not, because we’ve been all consumed with the “need” to pass “something” to avoid default.  Of course, it wasn’t nearly enough, and that means the USA is getting that downgrade.  Which means it costs us more to borrow.  Which will make the debt grow faster.  Which in turn leads to more screwing….

Every American is being screwed!

When America’s credit goes down, the value of the dollar (already being raped by endless borrowing and printing) goes down further.  This mean everything costs more.  Anyone who has to borrow money gets screwed.  And every business passes that boning on to consumers, as they inevitably will and must do.  So up go the prices in the double-dip recession.

Our Great-Grandchildren are being screwed!

My children are 6 and 5 respectively. They will inherit this mess.  As will their children, and probably their children’s children (who I will probably miss at the rate my family reproduces).  And the grand kicking of the can assures that nothing will be fixed until it is in sheer crisis mode.  Okay, maybe my great-grandchildren won’t be screwed since the government pig will probably collapse under its own weight by then, more like a beached whale in the midday sun.

The Washington Establishment – WINNING!

This is probably the worst part, because for all their posturing and bullshit, the establishment politicians in power have managed to eke out enough to keep themselves in office, keep enough people on the government tit, and maintain the ever-growing fuckocracy.  And a fuckocracy is exactly what we have for a government.

So remember, people who are talking about this as a victory may need punched in the mouth.


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  1. The Washington Establishment – WINNING!

    That pretty much sums it up.

    Talkin’ bout a r3VOlution indeed!

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