A Tea Party Win in the Iowa Straw Poll

The results of the 2011 Iowa Straw Poll are in, and two words clearly indicate the winner: TEA PARTY!

This is because the two top candidates by far are clearly and most commonly associated with the Tea Party’s general aims and goals.

Iowa-born Michele Bachmann took first place with 28.5% of the vote.  Being she is the most vocal “Tea Party” candidate out there, definite win.

Second place went to Ron Paul, with 27.6% of the votes.  Considering the Paulistas were out in full force for the vote, I’d be ready to say that would give him an edge to get extra votes he may not really get otherwise.  Except that, in the 2007 poll, with the same bunch of tinfoil-wearing motherfuckers with the same motivation to skew the results, Paul only squeaked out 9.1%.  That means he more than tripled his numbers.  And that means, on the two sides of the Tea Party coin, that’s the majority of votes.

Some other notables:

Pawlenty, Santorum, and Cain got enogh votes to justify staying in.

Rick Perry got 4.3% of the votes in a write-in campaign, on the day he finally declared his candidacy.

Mitt Romney skipped the straw poll, got 3.4% for his lack of effort.

Newt Gingrich got more than 1%, so he can justify hanging on.

Jon Huntsman And Thaddeus McCotter (who?) were at the bottom.  You did worse than that cockface McCain did in 2007, and his ass didn’t even show up.  Bye.

For the results of now and there, here’s the results from Wikipedia.

Now, to Michele and Ron.  They are two sides of the Tea party coin.

Michele Bachmann has all the style you could want in a Tea Party candidate.  She rips Obama, anyone who isn’t conservative, and is a good stumper.  However, she doesn’t seem to mind the state of perpetual war, which limits her independent appeal.  Her questionably true statements  and regular inaccuracies make Tina Fey’s impression of Sarah Palin look like a scholar of the highest order.  And the fact that she is a theocratic conservative (loves them social issues) and would expand government if her religions beliefs dictated it makes her an offense to the libertarian wing of the GOP base (that’s where I’d consider myself if I were to claim to be a Republican).

Ron Paul, on the other hand has been consistent in actually working for smaller government on all fronts, and is the conservative substance I look for in a candidate.  His antiwar stance is a little too much for the (and I hate to use this word) neocon elements of the GOP, but gives him a crossover appeal that could pull a chunk of anitwar candidates away from the Dems.  He certainly knows his shit, but often suffers from a lack of charisma and shiny talking points in debates (the Federal reserve, for all the damage it has and will do ot this country, fucking bores the fucking shitting fuck out of the average person).  And his most vehement supporters are the biggest liability he could possibly have, because the (explosively) repel the shit (literally, in some cases) out of sane people.

Having laid out those differences, and acknowledged I’m on the Ron Paul side of this divide, we have two choices.  Either the GOP can narrow down the race to these two and pick pick one, which will energize the majority of the Tea Party, or they can make a serious clusterfuck of a mistake and look for that middle ground, whether that be RINO extraordinaire Romney or another Texas Governor, this time named Rick Perry (who hasn’t really been grilled enough to know for sure, but do we need another Texan in the White House after the last one?).

So there’s what I see.  Of the two, I’ll be working hard for Ron Paul, I might be convinced to vote for Perry, and the RINO Romney and the theocrat Bachmann can expect me to look at a third party candidate really seriously.  So let’s get some real debates on and see who dies (politically).


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11 Responses to A Tea Party Win in the Iowa Straw Poll

  1. If you get your wish, Obama wins in 2012. Only a RINO has a chance to beat him.

  2. Soapster says:

    Michele Bachmann is a fucking fraud. She pays good lip service to Obama’s spending orgy but a cursory search will show that she herself was once a frequent contributor to the orgy herself.

    Simply go check her voting history. As a MN resident I know it all too well. Here’s a few for starters.

    Prevent the importation of cheaper prescription drugs? Bachmann says YES http://votesmart.org/issue_keyvote_detail.php?cs_id=14696&can_id=54675

    She loves her some Medicaid extensions. Why? In her words, ” The Medicaid program has helped millions of America’s neediest individuals, including seniors, foster kids…”. Yeah you heard that right Foster kids of which she has 23.

    Economic Stimulus circa 2008?? That (ahem..cough cough) “conservative” Michele Bachmann loves her some of that.

    More unemployment benefits and $400 million so Mexico can combat the drug problem which of course is rampant now. Michele votes YES sir may I have another.

    Continuing the spending orgy…Bachmann just can’t get enough…

    There’s nothing kooky or tin-foil hat about consistency and principle. Bachmann has neither.
    Ron Paul 2012

    • Soapster, acknowledging everything fact you presented above (which caught this comment in the spam filter a couple days), I think you just confirmed the obsessiveness of the tinfoil hat brigade.

      I think I pointed out my distrust of Bachmann as a real conservative. And I also pointed out a few thing that the Ron Paul campaign had to overcome.

      I didn’t say Ron Paul was kooky or a wearer of the tinfoil hat. I said his supporters, who spam out long-winded comments that show an obsessive monomania with Ron Paul and Ron Paul alone that makes it impossible to take them seriously EVEN IF YOU FUCKING AGREE WITH THEM are the biggest damned impediment to him getting respect. So much so that I have to spend a sentence any time I talk about Ron Paul just to distance myself from this shit.

      Really, I could have been on board in 2008 if it wasn’t for this.

  3. Jerry, if the choice is a RINO or Obama, then we’re royally fucked 69 ways from 37. It doesn’t matter at that point because then nothing will change and we go farther down the hole.

  4. Do you honestly think a non-RINO can beat Obama? I don’t.

  5. Yes, I think a real conservative, running a full, non-flinching economic conservative campaign can win. The murky water is if they start ramming social issues (gay rights, marriage, abortion, etc) into the mix.

    Somehow, I don’t see that happening with too many of the frontrunners. Other countries are starting to look better at this point, and since I can do what I want wherever I am….

    Ok, that’s a little extreme, but those thoughts do enter my head more often now.

  6. Does a “real conservative” even exist anymore? Got a name?

    • Well, if I were free to plunk the magic twanger, I’d go with one of my top 2 POTUS choices, either Gary Johnson or Ron Paul. Of course, that’s because I’m pretty damned libetrtarian. Of the others in the race, I still like Herman Cain enough to vote for him (even with some obvious flaws). I’m just not that sure of most of the rest, because (as you can see from the Soapster’s comment above) most Republicans who have been in government a while are known for supporting some big government shit, even some of the tea party favs. If we’re going to get a good candidate, it’s going to have to be someone that isn’t one of the mainstream.

  7. Soapster says:

    Patrick, I’ve been at this since 2007. There is a very good reason why the Paulistas are as you describe. I’ll let Jon Stewart tell it.


    • One of the best videos I’ve seen. Sometimes Jon Stewart nails it.
      And I think you’ll want to continue the discussion on the Paulistans in my newest post, since it’s about them (and possibly you).

  8. soapster says:

    Of course it’s about me. But I don’t care. It’s perfectly acceptable for me to get charged and use expletives via twitter and the like. And do you know why? Because I’m owning the caucus process for Ron Paul in Ward 4 in Minneapolis. We’re going to take alot of delegates to state.

    Just my opinion Patrick but I’ve read enough of your stuff over the years to say this:

    If you’re open to voting for Perry you have a lot of homework to do.

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