Why Ron Paul is Unelectable

Now, before I get into this further, let me be clear:  I am a Ron Paul supporter.  It is highly likely that, come next year, I’ll be voting for him in the primary (my first choice, Gary Johnson, will probably bail by then).  And if the GOP fucks up and puts forward the worst candidate, and Ron Paul runs under the Libertarian Party banner, I will vote for him in the general election.

And with the second-place finish behind Michele Bachamnn in the Iowa Straw Poll, he should have the momentum to push his way, for the first time, into the top tier candidates, especially since he’s making news days later due to the media ignoring him despite his showing.

But the reason he’s unelectable is not because of him, or his ideas, or the fact that he has been right about the danger of the Federal Reserve for a couple decades, or because he’s the only candidate that’s making big waves partially because of (and in spite of) his antiwar stance.

It’s because he has the most batshit crazy bunch of fucking morons in the whole fucking universe pissing off almost every-fucking-body in every fucking way by being wholly stupid in the way they promote the man they profess to want to elect, to the point that even many people who would support him go running away because they don’t want to appear to be tinfoil-hat-wearing conspirakooks.

In my last post, where I show the significance of the two top candidates in the straw poll being associated with the Tea Party, one of my fellow bloggers responded with a laundry list of so many links about how Michele Bachmann was NOT AT ALL A CONSERVATIVE that it got sucked into the comment spam filter. This was nothing, of course, compared to the illegible spew I got back in 2008 when I ripped Ron Paul (I’ve definitely shifted in my political philosophy since then, but maintain my fucking sense).

In every discussion of the Paulistas (that’s you crazy motherfuckers that can’t help but knee-jerk the Ron Paul talking points in every discussion rather than having a discussion), which has been heavy this past wee whether a radio host or a talk show or a news show mentioned or didn’t mention Ron Paul, they have been beseiged by email, Facebook, and Twitter by Paulistas hammering the shit out of them.  Let me just find a few of them (links disabled and Paulistas not listed):

  • The Dr. In top form! > @dailypaul: “I’m trying to change the course of history” Ron Paul on FAUX (cont) http://t.co/Go1bb4T [the original tweet said “FOX NEWS”]
  • @Talkmaster One needn’t be a #Paulista to recognize you’re a big old #tool. Case in point.
  • When media says #RonPaul or is unelectable what they r saying is each & every American is incapable of knowing what they want. #WeDecide
  • @Talkmaster Ron Paul won’t talk on your station Boortz because you are not a real libertarian. Bring our troops home!

And so on, and so forth.  If I talked about someone that I didn’t necessarily support and my thinks were incessant rants from his supporters either regurgitating pages of talking points and accusing me of being stupid or not being a real libertarian or whatever fucking goof-ass pipe dream the pull out of their ass, and this went on for hours and days, I sure wouldn’t harbor good feelings for the god of their idolatry.

And that’s exactly what has happened.  The Paulistas, in their fervor to “support” their candidate and movement leader, have elevated him to something akin to a deity.  And let’s be honest, unless they’re your bunch of religious kooks, most people don’t like religious kooks, from goofballs that claim they can ‘pray the gay away’ to the ultimate extreme in the Phelps fucks.

Yeah, you fucking Paulista wankers, I’m comparing you to the Phelps fucks.  Not in ideology, but in fucking stupid fanaticism.  YOU ARE THE REASON RON PAUL IS UNELECTABLE.

And the fact that Ron Paul represents our best chance at pulling the country back from the brink and your fucking asshattery is ruining it pisses me off.  So shut the fuck up and think through your comments.  See if they represent your candidate well.  And remember, to win, we need broad support.  So pissing off libertarian and conservative hosts, conservative media, and those voters that could be swayed by a non-traditional argument but are turned off by nut jobs, is certainly not the way to win.

I hate to point this out, but principle means nothing if you can’t get elected.   And if you’re killing the chances of Ron Paul getting elected because you have to keep blasting away as though everyone who is not a Paulista is the enemy, then you are problem too.

Finally, if you doubt what I just said, watch the comment section.

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One Response to Why Ron Paul is Unelectable

  1. Chase says:

    What the fuck is your deal man! Your not a Ron Paul supporter, your a wolf in sheep’s clothing; a freedom hater!!

    Just kidding.

    I think you are right. If all of us RP supporters should take one thing from this write-up, it should be this:

    “So shut the fuck up and think through your comments. See if they represent your candidate well.”

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