An Unusual Exchange of Tweets

Having now officially spent 38 years of absorbing the perennial bullshit that is life, I feel compelled to post today.  Especially since I failed to post last year when I could have dropped this clip (which I now drop a year late):

But on that creamy topic, I now present this Twitter exchange from last night (with the occasional non-sequiturs), in its entirety:

RT @WSBbelinda: How many times dear lord can my kids and husband watch Stars Wars? If I say a word I get shushed. They should have them….

@WSBbelinda As long as it ain’t episode I, there is no limit to the number of viewings. Especially Empire.

Tuesdays with Morrie? Nope. Fridays with Murray. #Thymology

[doesn’t necessarily apply to me, but what the hell. Plus, business is about to pick up.]

@PatrickMSpeaks, your husband? I guess you do learn something new everyday.

@cwhiatt Uh, that would mean I’m theoretically getting some. Being me, I suspect I’d have problems getting gay-laid.

@PatrickMSpeaks, gay or straight, getting laid with regularity is destined to be one of life’s greatest challenges.

@cwhiatt Well, considering I can’t even get pity fucks from girlfriends (when I have them) on my birthday (which will be sex-free again)….

[yet another true story from Tales of the Succubi. Seriously, if I was fucking someone and they wanted fucked on their fucking birthday, I’d fucking fuck them on their fucking birthday. (note an obsession with something I am not getting)]

@cwhiatt Unless someone springs for a whore for me tomorrow or something.

@PatrickMSpeaks, the buzz is Rick Perry might be able to help u out. Is your bday tomorrow??

RT DuaneMaddy: Happy birthday @RonPaul. I will be too busy donating money to your campaign tomorrow to sing to you! #Peace #AntiWar #EndTheFed #GOP

[At this point, I had to leap to Google to confirm the coolness of sharing a birthday with Ron Paul.  Having confirmed this…]

Holy fuck. I just found out the coolest fact in the world. I share my motherfucking birthday with motherfucking @RonPaul.

@cwhiatt I don’t know about Perry, but there’s always Michele Bachmann and that corn dog trick….

[more on the Michele Bachmann corn dog incident in the upcoming 3x2cast on Monday (if I get around to editing it)….]

@PatrickMSpeaks, if that doesn’t do it for ya her hawkish talk on Syria just might.

@PatrickMSpeaks, tis what I was driving at. Unfortunately for u people will not be giving you money in droves.

@cwhiatt I’m not really looking for money, just someone to diddle my ding-dong. (I could have been cruder, but alliteration is funnier)

Yeah, that’s pretty much what suffices for conversations in my world.  Other than conversations with the kids, where I try to ease up on all the uses of the word “motherfucker.”


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  1. Soapster says:

    I hope this comment doesn’t end up in spam. I hate typing shit twice.

    Re: this… cwhiatt: “Tuesdays with Morrie? Nope. Fridays with Murray. #Thymology”

    My GF was out on Friday night thus I was kickin’ it at home with the dog just having some cold ones and enjoying a book “A History of Money and Banking in the United States” by Murray Rothbard.

    Thus subject I was reading about in the book was thymology.

    “Thymology is on the one hand an offshoot of introspection and on the other a precipitate of historical experience. It is what everybody learns from intercourse with his fellows. It is what a man knows about the way in which people value different conditions, about their wishes and desires and their plans to realize these wishes and desires. It is the knowledge of the social environment in which a man lives and acts or, with historians, of a foreign milieu about which he has learned by studying special sources. If an epistemologist states that history has to be based on such knowledge as thymology, he simply expresses a truism.”

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