Note to the #OccupyWallStreet Bunch: Come Join the Tea Party

Okay, so I’m not going for shit for subtlety in the title of this post, but anyone who knows me (and thus questions my sanity) knows I rarely go for the subtle approach.  Or write political post where I don’t try to piss off at least a few people on both sides of the political divide.

Naturally, my first reaction to the “occupation” of Wall Street was that it was a gathering of idiot kids, dirty hippies, anti-business pukes, the crazier elements of the Ron Paulistas,  and the usual anarchist bunch that are against everything, along with the fun that hacktivist group Anonymous always brings to the table..  Thus, I was rolling my eyes with the rest of the right in the country.

Of course, the results were as you’d expect.  Since they were organized under some grabtastic idea of organic demands and purely democratic demands, and didn’t seem to have a lot of real clear objectives other than to take up space in lower Manhattan, it devolved mostly into a story about police brutality; this is an expected result as you have a lot of unruly kids, with a few of the bad seed anarchists facing off with a police department that hasn’t pulled out the riot gear (thankfully) and of course has a few bad seeds of its own in the bunch.  I’ll let the ACLU chew their asses.

But in the stories that I saw that weren’t brutality-focused, I noticed a common thread:  The protestors often cited the unhealthy effects of the inbreeding of Wall Street and Washington, the rise of corportatism, the cancer of crony capitalism as the biggest problem with Wall Street.  And that bullshit bailout in 2008?  They hated that too.

Should I pull a quote from my post on that Wall street bailout from  my old blog  which I think summed up the future Tea Party’s thoughts  on the idea of government bailing businesses out?  Is the Space Pope reptilian and do a hog love slop?

(Yes, this is exactly the first paragraph of a post that gets even more vulgar)

Once again Washington has let us down, bent us over, and commenced the fucking. The Halfwit halfasses in the House responded positively to the shit this asslicking dickwit bill had added to buy votes to justify passing this Marxist fuckwit shitball.

So, knowing my thoughts, and the Tea Party’s general thoughts on the bailouts, I began examining this movement.  And as I got further into my examination of the collection of partially-deluded souls squatting in the designated zones next to Wall Street and Ground Zero, two thoughts occurred to me:

First, you’re all protesting in the wrong place.  Wall Street is what it is: A collection of people who are focused like a laser on making money and will do most anything to serve that goal.  If that involves playing the market by whatever rules are set to maximize  said profits, effects on the rest of the world be damned, they’ll do it.  And if they can mitigate the associated risks, they sure as shit will do that.  And the bailout mentality in Washington absolutely mitigates risk.  And NOTHING!!!! that a bunch of hippies, kids, and anarchists will do on the street will change that.  In fact, they’d probably stand on balconies and piss on the idiot mobs below if they could, just for shits and giggles.  The only place change is going to happen is in Washington, where the actual power is.  So stop occupying Wall Street; fill up the Capitol building instead.  At least then you’ll be shitting in the cereal of the people who are the cause of the problem.

Second (and yeah, I’m finally getting to the point that the title of the post promised), we need this bunch in the Tea Party.  Maybe not all of them, like the anarchists and the ones that believe that the best way to fix things is to let the government do everything.  Mainly, we need those that may not agree on all the fiscal things the Tea Party stands for, but understand that the problem is there not being a clear divide between business and government.  We may disagree on the amount of regulation businesses should have to put up with, but we both understand that businesses buying political favors from politicians for donations, and the politicians using their power to take money from people at gunpoint and pass it to their buddies in the form of subsidies and bailouts benefits no one but the establishment.

So on these points we can find common ground.  And if we can turn that common focus into electing candidates that want to stop shoveling money into benefits for their favored allies, causes, and groups (that’s defense for the GOP, organized labor for the Dems, and business for all), then maybe Wall Street might not need occupied.


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7 Responses to Note to the #OccupyWallStreet Bunch: Come Join the Tea Party

  1. Toad734 says:

    But the tea baggers are anarchists…Aside from when it comes to their roads, their schools and their love of the military occupying foreign countries for oil, etc. I mean, they are the real anarchists…In theory, not in practice of course.

    But you are right, Wall Street will do whatever Washington allows them to do. Wall Street, as with all other major corporations, own Washington, pay off Washington, writes their laws for them (for their benefit) and basically elects the people in Washington…Which is why you get shit like S&L, the repeal of Glass Steagall and every other Reaganesque piece of law deregulating everything that makes Ron Paul jizz his pants. That is what they are protesting…That an of course once that deregulation bites them in the ass the government cuts funding for everything else but hands Wall street a check.

    And I doubt you will find many birthers, racists, homophobes, AKA Christians, and the alike in the Wall Street protest crowds and that being said, that’s pretty much the demographic of most teabaggers and I guarantee they will go away once we have a white President with a normal sounding WASPy name.

    • Toad, you do understand that less than half of those that identify as Tea Party members think the Tea Party should be about social conservative shit. The rest of us are libertarians. No real anarchists among the libertarians, just people who want to minimize the power of government in our lives as much as possible to restore it to the goal of protecting the rights of the individual.

      The unifying thing in the Tea Party is the idea that government is doing way too much in every aspect of our lives. That includes the inbreeding of business and government. There are two ways to address corporatism. Either you give government more power to control things (and since more power involves more money, what’s the chance of that happening?) or to take away the power of the government to hand out money for their pet causes. So do you want to give more power to the establishment (which is what Barack Obama seems to be feeding as did Bush before him) or try to find a way to stop the stupidity?

      That’s why I want the Wall Street protestors to join the Tea Party. Because the problem is not the left or the right necessarily (although the left wants to empower Washington more than the right), but the establishment that can’t really address the overarching problem.

      As for your need to inject race into this, it’s fucking pathetic. Especially since the candidate climbing fastest in the GOP ranks right now is less white than Barack Obama (that would be Herman Cain). And I guarantee you that the number of those in the Tea Party that will bail because they can’t vote for a white guy won’t be worth counting.

  2. Toad734 says:

    But aren’t the tea bagging types the same people who would support the Supreme Court’s decision that Corporations are people too…Essentially allowing anyone who owns a corporation to get their say twice. That is where business and government gets dangerous, not when the government tries to encourage renewable energy so we don’t have another $800 Billion war to pay for later.

    And you also have to love the irony that most of these teabaggers, such as Ron Paul, claim to want government out of our lives yet have no problem telling people who they can marry or what they can and can’t do with their reproductive organs and even advocate government favoring and endorsing one religion over another. Not all, but I would say if you polled most Teabaggers they would say the government should outlaw same sex marriage, abortion and would have no problem allowing the US to follow the laws of the Bible or have the 10 commandments posted in every courthouse, etc…Those are not the people at the Wall Street protest, I can assure you of that and are closer to the definition of small government libertarians than most actual libertarians.

    Now, you may not believe that corporations are people and that any corporation should be able to have the same, if not more political powers than the average Joe but most Teabaggers have no problem with what the Koch Brothers are doing and that Supreme Court decision.

    In other words, most teabaggers are just greedy hateful people who are pissed because our IA, NH, SC first, electorate system failed to weed out the Urban, Northern black guy from the field of candidates and he has a funny name….They didn’t care about big government when Reagan was expanding it by leaps and bounds and they didn’t care about big government when Bush was expanding it by leaps and bounds…They just think they will be forced to work so Obama can hand out free money to black people who don’t work…When all the while their money has been handed to Corporations and defense contractors and millionaires.

    And you say the left wants to empower the government but I would say the NYC protesters are proving just the opposite…They want the corporations and wealthy elite to STOP empowering the government…which then scratches their back and does their bidding. I don’t think teabaggers mind that happening one bit… I know the Koch brothers don’t.

  3. Toad, do you even listen to yourself or do you just respond to everything with the following phrases and words: hateful pissed off, tea baggers, Koch Brothers. Corporations (capitalized as through they’re a monolith), and something about race, abortion, and compulsory religion. You did leave out the man-ass sex thing, so I’ll assume you’re slipping.

    And as you didn’t actually address anything and just went on a leftard rant, I’ll leave your comment stand as to illustrate who’s trying to have a discussion here.

  4. soapster says:

    As with any group, there are a mishmash of different idealogies and what have you mixed in.

    I know some people protesting and they come at it from the End the Fed angle. It is by way of a fiat currency that these Wall Street fat cats live as high on the hog as they do.

  5. soapster says:

    The movement is actually spreading and probably soon hitting a city near you. I know there are protests planned for Minneapolis.

  6. Toad734 says:

    So you are saying that the Teabaggers were active during Bush and Reagan years?? And that they didn’t just pop up once a black guy with a Muslim father got elected? Or are you saying that the Koch Brothers aren’t funding the Teabaggers? Or that the Teabaggers, for the most part, don’t support that Supreme Court decision, don’t want to ban gay marriage and don’t think that Christianity should be part of common law and don’t want to tell a woman what she can do with her reproductive organs???

    I don’t know what I said that is so far fetched.

    What I was explaining is why the true small government “anarchists” and hippies on Wall Street wouldn’t join the Teaparty…It’s because once you get below the surface of what is on the mind of most Teabaggers, they believe in the complete opposite of what the protesters are looking for.

    For example, Ron Paul believes in prayer in public schools, against gay marriage, against abortion, against civil rights act, and most importantly, against financial regulations…Now, he was against the bailouts and doesn’t want marijuana to be illegal so that’s really his only selling point for the Wall St. protesters and since he is basically the “father of the teaparty”….

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