Yet Another GOP Debate


Yeah, that’s about all I’ve got.  I mainly have that attitude because I’m getting the sickening feeling that what’s going to happen in 2012 will be no less than the end of the exceptional nation known as the United States of America.  By that, I mean that we cease to be the beacon of prosperity and hope, as well as a superpower, and limp along as yet another country in a China-dominated world.   And it won’t necessarily happen in 2013.  It may take decades to fully collapse things.  But we’ve been at the tipping point for far too long, and all we need is to not fix the problems that have been building for most of the century to end up boned.

Which brings us to the debate last night.  Let’s take each candidate and rip them, because they all suck in some way:

Mitt Romney – Winner by default, because all he has to do is not lose to win.  However, as he has a Clinton-esque tendency to have the position he needs to win, anything he says has to be taken, not with a grain of salt, but with a whole salt lick.  He was standard GOP establishment.

Newt Gingrich – As usual he was spewing ideas out of his throbbing brain left and right (both directional and philosophical).  Won some beautiful shots, especially the Timothy McVeigh moment with Ron Paul.  Needs to quit running for president and run a think tank when not snogging Nancy Pelosi.

Ron Paul – As much as I like his domestic agenda, he comes off as a delusional whiny isolationist when he gets onto international issues.  Even when I agree I cringe.  The only person I have a more personal dislike for on the stage is Santorum.  Despite this, he’s still my choice of the candidates presented.

Jon Huntsman – I’ve blasted Huntsman a lot for being irrelevant.  When the nominee is chosen, he needs to be their Secretary of State, dammit.  Yeah, he impressed me that much.

Herman Cain – I like the Hermanator.  I really do.  The only good thing about this debate for him was that we didn’t have to hear about 9-9-9 again.  Other than that, it was a meh night.

Michele Bachmann – Actually came off as intelligent last night.  May pass Sarah Palin if she can apply this to all her speeches.  Not enough to get her back to the first tier this time, but it’s wait and see here.

Rick Perry – He really needs to stop the bad George W Bush imitation.  And trying to debate.  He just isn’t good at it, and he comes off as filler.  At least he’s not as unlikable as Ron Paul or as frothy as Santorum.

Rick Santorum – Frothy mixture.  ‘Nuff said.  As he really didn’t distinguish himself in any way, we’ll go with the Google results.  (The link is just a Google search.)

Gary Johnson – Excluded yet again.  Didn’t even really tweet anything.  Sad.

In short, here’s my summation of my feelings on the subjects from the debate:

Ron Paul is right about our indulgence in endless wars that serve no real purpose, but he still gets to isolationist for me.  The secret here is to engage in trade to bring the world along with us rather than try blowing up shit.  Also, this need to keeps troops stationed around the world is dumb.  A few strategic locations and the might of carrier battle groups should suffice.  And while we should be engaging the world with all the trade and diplomacy we can,

As for the immigration issue, sound bites about securing the border sound good in theory.  But in reality, the tough-on-illegal talk does nothing to solve the problem.  And that problem is that we don’t have border security because 1. we give illegals lots of incentives to come here and be illegals, vs legal guest workers, 2. we don’t enforce the laws we do have, or enforce them so inconsistently as to render them useless, and 3. we make it worth it to smuggle drugs across because we make it illegal, and thus lucrative.  So if you make and enforce the laws consistently, make it worthwhile to be legit (through a good guest worker/visa program), and stop the insane war on drugs, then you can secure the border without a stupid fence or armed troops.  And THEN you figure out how to deal with the problem of multi-generation families who are mixed legal/illegal, without amnesty or mass deportation (which is rewarding lawbreakers or heartlessly evil).

And the best thing we can do to make ourselves secure as a country is to get our government under control.  Because while terrorists can blow up a city and China can posture and Iran can threaten our ally Israel, only our government can truly crush us.

Which brings us back to the fact that the leading candidates suck so much that we’re either getting Obama or Obama Lite.  Thus, we’re boned.


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