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Why Government Schools (and Some of Their Teachers) Are Evil and Should be Burned

(note, especially to the Nazi douchecock I shall refer to here shortly: the title is hyperbole and not meant to be taken literally.  It just sounds cooler than anything else I could come up with.  So suck it. Please.) So … Continue reading

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Why Foreign Policy Doesn’t Matter in 2012

Yes, before you burst a sac or two, this will be another post in support of Ron Paul.  And I’m going to explain why Ron Paul’s foreign policy (the bane of mainstream “conservatives” and one of my points of concern … Continue reading

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The Case for Ron Paul

We are now counting down the final days and weeks until the Iowa Caucuses, and the beginning of the actual process of the GOP selecting its nominee.  And at this point, we can safely say we are down to six … Continue reading

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Christmas Music

I listen to A LOT of Christmas music at this time of the year (as in I go to my collection for albums of the stuff) compared to most people who usually can’t stand the repetitive nature of the music, … Continue reading

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