The Case for Ron Paul

We are now counting down the final days and weeks until the Iowa Caucuses, and the beginning of the actual process of the GOP selecting its nominee.  And at this point, we can safely say we are down to six somewhat viable candidates.  This bothers me most, because my preference, New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, is not one of those six.  These can be divided into two tiers; the first tier consists of Romney, Gingrich, and Paul; the second tier is reserved for Perry, Bachmann, and Santorum.  Furthermore, as Perry (aka W2.o) and Bachmann (corn dog) have both peaked and crashed, and Santorum (the foamy mix) is half a percent of joining Jon Huntsman (the other Mormon) and Herman Cain (Long Dong Silver 2.0?) in the dustbin of the 2012 race, we are really only left with the first tier candidates as viable options.  And of those three, I have my choice come primary time here in Ohio: I support Ron Paul.

I had to get that part out of the way, because I have to explain why the entirety of the GOP needs to get behind him as the nominee.  There are two reasons, really, and that’s the purpose of this post.  So those of you in the Paulista brigades, we know you’d take a bullet or a shot in the mouth for Dr Paul, and can’t imagine another candidate.  This is to all of you who still look at Ron Paul the way I did back in 2008 (hint, there were tinfoil hat references).

Now, the first reason is simple:  To save this country, Barack Obama can’t be allowed to have another four years to kill this country.  I could go into the myriad things he’s done to damage this country around the world, and to weaken us at home, all under his Marxist/communist leanings toward ‘perfecting” this country.  But then we get into a debate about how much the country and government will grow.  So let’s just assume we’ve had this discussion, and listened to liberals weigh in about what he’s done “right,” etc, etc, because nobody but the delusional Obama supporters want to see him reelected.

So this brings us to the second reason: We need to change direction in this country.  To explain, the nomination contest has, in essence, come down two only two candidates: Newt Romney/Mitt Gingrich and Ron Paul.  I am, for the sake of argument, lumping NewtMitt into one candidate, because they are, despite some differences, the choice of the establishment GOP, consisting of a large number of the Rockefeller win go the party, as well as the McCain RINO faction.  In other words, the idiots that gave us the “compassionate [big government] conservatism” of George W Bush, then followed with the idiot fuck McCain, would like us to pick another technocrat candidate.

This is why the choice has to be Ron Paul.  We have, with the imperfect exception of Reagan, had a slew of republican presidents who talked the conservative game to the degree they were to the right of the Democrats, but continued to grow the government.  And Reagan, for all his accomplishments, also grew government.  And NewtMitt has (have) shown this tendency as well, through the times they have served in government, as well as their time in the private sector.  They are/were supporters (to various degrees, depending on the political wind) of manmade global warming hysteria, the individual mandate part of Obamacare (though not the mandate in Obamacare  because it’s in Obamacare), the TARP bailouts, and various other government initiatives to manage the individual.  And these are all the reasons we need to beat Obama.

So, if we want to toss Obama out, why would we want to put in a politically wavering “Obama lite” to simply grow the government at a slower rate?

Ron Paul, for any imperfections as a candidate (his big ones for the average Republican would be his foreign policy, and his personality), has been consistent, clearly in favor of limiting and SHRINKING THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT, and represents the only candidate who represents actual change from the status quo.  This is something that was in the heart of the Reagan revolution, the 1994 takeover of Congress (yes, Newt did good in the beginning there), and the Tea Party movement. Challenging the crony capitalism system was even present in the early parts of the Occupy Wall Street movement, prior to them becoming just another liberal grab bag, and despite their inability to understand they were looking at a symptom, not the disease (and the shitting on cars, etc).  The point here is that the left/right, conservative/liberal, Democrat/Republican dynamic is almost played out, and the time is growing ripe for either a significant shift of one party or the death of one party in the rise of a third party (as you don’t see many Federalists, Jeffersonian Republicans, or Whigs anymore).

And I mention that third party option for two reasons.  First, because I see the rise of a libertarian philosophy versus the statist philosophy as the next divide in the Great Debate.  And since statists have a home in the GOP and among the Democrats, the libertarians are ready to walk, some to the Libertarian party, some to whatever banner is not one of the two parties (and Ron Paul has a big enough banner to swing an election).  And second, the fractioning of party will give Barack Obama another four years.

So the choice is now clear.  The second tier candidates will simply divide the conservative wing of the party 3 more ways and lose the libertarians entirely.  Meanwhile, the establishment will get behind Romney, Gingrich will split some of them and some of the conservatives, and the nominee will be NewtMitt (doesn’t really matter which).  So to make a difference in the nomination process, your choice is the establismentarian NewtMitt, or the libertarian Ron Paul.

The choice should be clear now.

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