Why Both Sides of the Catholic/Insurance Debate are Wrong

Any time the subject of abortion (and the associated right of religious liberty) appears in the political discourse, you can expect both sides to show how stupidly rigid they are and how they miss simple logic in the process.  So, let’s get straight to the de-dumbassing.

The specific issue is that the 0bama administration is using its power under 0bamacare to force religiously-afilliated organizations (the Catholics specifically) to buy a product that would be in direct violation of their beliefs on contraception/abortion.  The administration’s argument is that the employer’s refusal to pay for these specifically mandated items is tantamout to denying access.  The opposing side cites that religious liberty trumps this mandate.

(The bold part is important, but we need to come back to it later.)

First of all, whatever you think of the Catholic Church’s specific beliefs on contraception and abortion (been there, rejected that), respecting these beliefs in no way denies access to individuals.  They are free to decide on the employer-provided insurance,  individually-purchased insurance, or something provided by the government.  And the can also pay out of pocket or seek an organization that will help them (last time I checked, Planned Parenthood made out well in the wake of the Komen debacle, and I suspect they’d LOVE to stick it to the Catholic Church).  In this way, the Church has no enforceable control over the individual.  However, should the mandate stay, the Church’s only real choice is to drop the insurance (guess they don’t get to keep their insurance if they like it, do they, Mr 0bama?).

So on that count, the 0bama administration is wrong.  And maybe 0bama should go back and read the Constitution, since he somehow missed an Amendment or two at some point.  Or maybe he’s just ignoring it.  Um… dind’t he take an oath NOT to do that?

But as usual, the anti-choice bunch are focusing on the abortion debate and the specifics of religious liberty being raped.  They’re missing the bigger point.  And some Democrats who voted for that piece of shit called 0bamacare are upset that it’s being used in ways they didn’t intend.  The following sentences are for them specifically, as well as anyone who supported 0bamacare and are not happy with the current policy:


Let me go back to the bolded words above: The administration is using its power to force organizations to buy a product!

This has always been the central problem with 0bamacare, as well as with any law that give the government the power over any aspect of our lives (no, the list would be too damn long):  The government has the power to use force to achieve whatever goal it sets.  And anyone who wants to hand the government new powers should consider what will happen when someone who’s political philosophy they hate with a fiery passion is given that power.

Let’s take the most disgustingly frothy example of the opposite end of this debate. Imagine if it were *gag* President Santorum with the power to mandate was or was not required or paid for in the insurance packages.  I can guarantee you that the crowd defending the 0bama attack on religious liberty in the name of “protecting women’s access to paid contraception and abortion would be screaming bloody murder when Santorum cut the funding for abortions and limited the contraception to lessens for the rhythm method (the only “contraception” that is Catholic Church-approved (only to be outdone in ineffectiveness by the “pulling out and cumming on her belly” (because any other position would be deviant) method)).  They’d be pissed.  And they’d be right in screaming that the government is attacking their personal choices.

In brief, the government is only doing what governments do when we give up freedom to give them power.  And those who ignore that inconvenient fact are focusing on the toenail fungus while missing the brain tumor.


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