Welcome to 3×2 Studios!

(This is a cross-post with 3x2studios.com, for obvious reasons.)

Yeah, as the title says, welcome to 3×2 Studios.  At least the Ohio part of it.  As it is, I finally finished (mostly) the cleaning of my office/production studio/repair and diagnostics table/work space/library/bedroom/former fuck den (because we all know I ain’t getting any if I’m posting this shit on a Saturday night) and since I don’t have all my video equipment orgynized (camera’s on the way this week), I broke out my gutted and rebuilt camera out and snapped some pix:

Yeah, count ’em.  that’s 3 computers I rock in the main studio.  Partially, it’s because I need to be doing a couple things at a time.  It’s also because my computer setup is filled with shitty old computers.  From left to right, we begin with the 3×2 laptop, on which we record and I edit the podcasts, and a video or two.  Wedged in between, my mixer board, which gives me the ability to tweak shit without dicking with the computer, as well as being able to use mics older than any computer here.  Speaking of which, that ‘s my mic, bought back in 1990-1992, when the future PseudoKiwi and I harbored illusions about producing cool and fucked up shit.  Back then, we used some real shit, and this mic was the great leap forward.  It’s obscuring my laptop, on which I do my daily shit, including posting here.  The last computer, visible under the desk, is my work computer.  It’s really old and somehow I keep the bastard running for work, and for a jukebox, since it has the biggest speakers.  Mainly, though, it’s the laptops on which I produce all the cool shit.

So let’s continue the tour.  Looking out from my desk is my state of the art old TV I inherited from my grandmother, which I had to cut out of the console she had it installed in after her console TV cooked.  It was my main TV up to a few years ago, and is mainly for putting on news and shit I curse at excessively.  Next to it is my gaming racks.  I want to fill this with all kinds of geeky gaming shit.  Damn you Wil Wheaton!

Behind me is a few things.  Shelves with cables, equipment, parts, vinyl, those 5-hour energy drinks (love that shit), and the 12-string that I’ve been rocking on those occasions I have to produce something acoustic.  It will also be one of the 2 guitars I’m playing in the next version of the 3x2cast theme.  Because I’ve found that, while the electric guitars can be manipulated to sound like almost anything, NOTHING beats 12 raw strings resonating with raw, unamplified  power.

In the opposite corner are the libraries.  In the pic on the left, my assloads of CDs (because an MP3, while usable as hell, is just not as tangible, and is not uncompressed), and below them (pic to the right) the shelves of books, and my guitars.  From left to right: my baby, the first guitar I ever bought, back in 1992, a beaten to shit Ibanez; my bass, also an Ibanez; and my newest addition, a 3/4 size acoustic, which is still too big for the kids, but close enough I may make a guitarist out of one of them.  Also, my amps to the left and my dresser is to the right.  And that pic with the guitars is shot from my bed, which hasn’t seen action in so long, I’ve offered Lars the chance to do his girl on it while I watch just so it’s not so unused.

Finally, above my desk is this:  the memorial for my father, who never got to see how much time and effort I’ve wasted on the podcasts and video projects.  It’s a tossup whether he’d be disgusted or proud.  I bet he’d laugh though, and that’s what matters.

So there it is, and here I am, posing for a pic in which I appear to be ready to record something else that will surely rock your fucking socks off.  Or race to clear your history and bookmarks before you break out the mental bleach.  Either way, it’s all good.

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