Another Memorial Day

This will be one of my shorter posts, as most of the important things to say today have already been covered in more expansive posts.

But, as my views on the current state of war has evolved, I’ve had to consider the now-generic use of the phrase “I support the troops.”

Too often, the phrase is bandied about by the war hawks who believe in that idealized vision of Uncle Sam and Captain America joining with our forces to unceremoniously kick the living shit out of any enemy of America.  And in doing so, they forget that, sometimes, we become the bad guy.

And the antiwar bunch scream it because they don’t want to be thought of as people who want to see us lose (with the accompanying body count), even though they want to see us lose.

And most Americans spout it off because they don’t want a day, where we remember those who were willing to go to their deaths to protect the ideals of this country, to be the hollow extra day off work they, in their piddling hearts, consider it to be.  So it’s up with the flag and faux patriotism.

But in the end, today is a day to remember that we must not forget that every freedom we have is paid for in blood.  And we honor the memory of those who have fallen by working for those ideals of freedom.


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