Supporting Mitt Romney in November

There comes a time in the primary season when it becomes pretty certain that one person has emerged as the sole candidate.  In a horribly anticlimactic finish in the the home state of Ron Paul, Mitt Romney apparently went over the top and has all the delegates he needs for the convention.  Of course, in the Paul camp (where I find myself resting comfortably), BS is being called, as many states who have been declared Romney wins have gone on to elect pro-Paul slates of delegates.

But, barring the clean wins for Ron Paul that have not come, I’ve said all along that the GOP establishment would make damn sure that they wouldn’t be letting Ron Paul get anywhere near the nomination.  That looks to be the case now.

So we’ve now come to the point where all the party must come together and support whatever the establishment has sought to saddle us with.  In 2008, it was the cockbastard McCain.  Now, it’s the Massachusetts waffle machine, Romney.  It distinctly reminds me why I started blasting the party before the sickening mistake of voting for McCain in 2008.

However, voting for Romney might serve to stop the Marxist POSPOTUS Barack Obama from getting four more years of continuing the worst parts of the Bush years.  That and Romney has better hair.

So that brings me to a hard decision, one that took a lot of soul searching and looking at the hard reality of the situation:


I have been getting increasingly frustrated with the duopoly of the two parties, that pander to different crowds, but continue growing the government, only with a shuffling of who gets the goodies every 2/4/6/8/10/12 years.  We still haven’t solved the problems of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid (the last two have had massive expansions in Bush’s Medicare drug thing and in the obscenity of Obamacare).  Meanwhile, we continue to maintain a Cold War footing while all of our “allies” get to spend more of their budgets on social programs and trying to see who gets to be the next Greece.  And the argument is not whether we need to be continuing the war on Islamic raghead terrorists, it’s whether we need to send troops or drones to blow them up.  If one side is completely wrong on an issue, the other side is blitheringly stupid in suggesting a non-answer.  And neither candidate has figured out we can’t win the war on drugs or the war on poverty, but that we are winning the war on children  with the department of Education and raping americans everyday with the security theater of the TSA.

So I’m opting out.  I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate and my original choice back before the primaries when he was getting shut out of the GOP race.  If you missed it, he is the former Republican governor of New Mexico.  He climbed Mount Everest.  Politically, he’s well-aligned with Ron Paul, except without the nuttier followers.  You can visit his site for specifics.

So I would urge any Ron Paul supporter, after you get done with GOP abuse, to join the forces of individual liberty in the ballot box.  But it needs to be your choice, because for some of you, defeating Obama is the priority, no matter the candidate.  And personally, if I had to pick one of the 2 parties’ candidates to be marooned on an island with, I’d pick Romney, for reasons of survival.  If it were a glacier, I’d pick Obama, because there’s at least meat on his bones.

But I wouldn’t vote for either.




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