No Deportation For You (yay)

First of all, this is a post about 0bama’s decision to update immigration policy.  I will say that I agree with the plan to not deport people who have been here since they were kids.  My assumption, of course, is that the cockbastard is doing so now because the economy sucks a dick and he has to try to get reelected, no because “it’s the right thing to do,” as the Marxist intoned through his vapid speech.  Especially since the deportation has been ratcheted up in prior 0bama years.  So treat this as a political ploy more than a statement of principle (as 0bama lacks any fucking principles, as the last few years have shown).

(Yeah, I’m listening as I write this.  Be glad I’m holding back on the obscenities.)

The fact is that, as much as the Demorats are simply trying to line up another bloc to vote for them mindlessly, the GOP has been beating the “border security” drum like putting up a physical and virtual (Berlin?) wall will solve all the problems, as will sending in armed troops to bust up families.  Neither party has really done shit to fix the problem.  I’ve posted on this previously (and am too lazy to look it up), let me summarize (and update):

The way you fix border security is thus:

  1. End the losing war on drugs.  It makes border-busting profitable and violent, and empowers people who are an actual security risk.
  2. Get a real guest worker and citizenship program, so that there’s no profit in illegally entering the country for this.  And toss the ridiculously small quotas.  Population growth is economic growth.
  3. Come up with a plan to end de facto amnesty, which is our current immigration mess.  And yes, there may be some amnesty involved.
  4. Finally, secure the border and boot the remaining slugs.

To that end, the move by 0bama today was a good step, as it recognizes that not all “crimes” are equal.

There are really two types of crimes.  First, comes the crimes of violating another individuals right to life, liberty, and property.  These are easy:  murder, rape, assault, theft, fraud, and variations on these.  These are the reason we have to have some vestige of government.  I don’t think there’s anyone short of an anarchist or Marxist that believes any of those are ok things in society.

Second are administrative crimes; crimes created for the purpose of enforcing morality (drug laws, prostitution), redistribution (the tax code, 0bamacare), thought control (any shit from the FCC Nazis), and various other things too numerous (and often ridiculous) to mention.

Immigration law fits squarely in the second category, as a person coming into this country does not, by that act, deprive another person of their life, liberty or property.  Nebulous issues of “national security” aside, there’s no reason not to allow people to enter this country legally except for discriminatory (in the larger, not just racial) reasons.

This is where the GOP and the traditional right get it wholly wrong.  You simply can’t say you are for individual liberty and then support that nail-studded plank in the party platform.  It’s why it’s a toss-up for the White House in November at this point.  It’s a part of why I’m voting for Gary Johnson.

So for those of you who are screaming amnesty over this announcement by the POSPOTUS, argue the point.  I’d ask something of the 0bamabots, but somehow, I think I’d be wasting pixels.


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