On the 0bama “You Didn’t Build That” Speech

First of all, I’m not a Romney fan, and I don’t think governance under the 2012 GOP default candidate will be that substantially different than the current clusterfuck.  But on their guiding philosophy, there’s a difference.  At least Romney knows what the fuck he’s talking about when he talks about what makes things work in this country (before growing the freedom-raping monolith of government).  Which brings us to this shit:

Had the blithering fuckstool known as President 0bama said something to this effect to my face, I’d punch him right in the dick.

If there were something that separated the mindset of true collectivists (from the well-meaning but horribly misguided socialists to the communist/Marxist totalitarians) from economic conservatives (and the big government “conservatives”) and libertarian, it’s found in this speech.

Concerning the idea that no one got there on their own, there is a rationale that we do depend on the achievements and the works of others for our success.  But it is due to other individuals, pursuing their own interests that we are able to do the same.  This is not a “collective” effort.  It is more libertarian than any other thing.  I could link plenty of articles ripping the 0bamination for this pro-Matrix mentality (ex. this and this), but if you have ever taken tools you sought out, used services you paid for, and tapped government resources paid for by taxes and built by individuals, then you damn well know that the idea that it was the collective and the government (with a toss off that the individual has something to do with it on occasion) that created what we have as a country is unadulterated bullshit.

No, it’s more than bullshit; it’s a diabolically backwards philosophy, which takes from the individual to feed the collective.  The truth is that anything that can be attributed to the collective was the actions of individuals making the choice to work toward a common goal, in service to their own interests (self-serving or altruistic).  Freedom demands that the choice be wholly up to the individual, that there is no element of the government holding a gun to an individuals head (in that warm, fuzzy way government agencies always do).

I’d ask my father if it was the collective or the government that gave him his business, but he’s a little to dead to ask.  But then again, so is that business.  It died as well, because he was the sole reason it existed.  He didn’t start the business (his father-in-law did), but when he took it over in the 80’s, he was the sole reason for its survival and evolution.  He put together things, designed and built stuff (or paid others to do so), and made things happen.  And without him, all that could be done was some bookkeeping to close out the remnant which, without the driving force of one individual, were just inanimate objects.

So fuck you 0bama, you have just shown you have no fucking idea what you are talking about when you talk about anything economic.  And for anyone who can’t justify voting for Romney, there are other options (Gary Johnson) out there.  Or just stay the hell home on Election day, unless your goal is to destroy this country.  Romney may not be the guy to save it, but idiots like 0bama will surely destroy it.


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3 Responses to On the 0bama “You Didn’t Build That” Speech

  1. joesix says:

    “freedom-raping monolith of government”

    Did you steal that from Daniel Tosh?

    • No, I didn’t. Especially since Tosh was attempting a joke and failing (standard fare for him, actually).

      Overreaching government can rape, pillage and kill individual liberty, i.e. freedom. I prefer to use rape because it’s a more accurate descriptive term, since the freedom isn’t gone, but it is violated in a most horrific way and will never be the same.

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