Why I am Voting for Gary Johnson

If anyone who hasn’t heard any of my political views in the last 3 months wasn’t sure, I am voting for the Libertarian candidate for President of the United States, Gary Johnson.  Since I continue to hear the usual bullshit about wasting my vote, not a real choice, etc, this post is the answer.  It’ll also outline reasons you should do the same. First of all, I have been a supporter of GJ since he was a GOP candidate (as an alternative to the more ideologically pure but more certifiable Ron Paul).  This was mainly because of the Paulistas that wrote long, incoherent rants in my direction from back in 2008 (where I dirtied my soul voting for the idiot McCain).  After GJ dropped out, I was proud to cast my primary vote (probably one of the last GOP ones) for Ron Paul. However, a couple things happened during the last couple years.  first of all, after the first movie came out, I finally read Atlas Shrugged.  It has a way of crystallizing all the jumbled ideas my head had been filled with into a unified philosophy, which I found I could apply equally to all situations (rather than incoherently blathering “liberal bad, conservative good, fire bad, tree pretty” all day long (5 points if you get that reference).

Concurrently, I began to come to understand the nonagression principle.  To sum it up, the only justification for the use of force  against the life, liberty, or property  of another individual or entity is when that individual or entity has already initiated the use of force against your life, liberty, or property.   This applies to situations of fraud, violence, destruction, or the use of government to deprive an individual or entity of life, liberty or property.

Applying these two, I come to the (little l) libertarian philosophy.  That alone is not enough to necessarily make me jump to support the (big L) Libertarian party, because that’s generally not a vote that will swing the election.  I denote the difference between the party and the philosophy because that is important, and because libertarians can sometimes find a home in the GOP (like the father and son Paul).

So here’s how I got there:

First, let’s put the libertarian philosophy in context of the left/right bullshit.  I’ll generally find myself with the right on economic issues, with the left on social issues, because these are generally areas where they espouse the idea of less government intervention.  And since economic liberty and property rights are essential to individual liberty (without which a free society cannot survive), I still find myself more drawn to the GOP side of the equation.

So the real change began by looking with an unbiased eye to the Bush years, and what happened to individual liberty, property rights, and economic liberty; versus the size of government, the number of new programs, and the moves by the government to restrict freedoms in the name of “national security” or the “family” or whatever buzzwords the right comes up with to justify their power grabs.  And that’s before you contrast the non-aggression principle with the Bush doctrine (preemption).  So while I’ll tolerate some of the social bullshit, failing to deliver on economic liberty is a big-ass red flag.  And 2008 was said big-ass red flag, with WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF! emblazoned on it.

So the GOP began the race to the default over the winter and spring, until by summer it was Romney, Romney, Romney, and Ron Paul out on the fringe, but a hell of a lot more popular than 2008 (it helps that the politicians move farther toward Orwellian levels of government, which makes you saner by default).  Then, after plenty of shots by both the establishment, and by such “conservative” candidates as Rick “frothy mixture” Santorum, the GOP started changing the rules to disenfranchise and shut out the Paul supporters, many of whom worked their asses off to get into the party structure of the GOP.  Disenfranchising people who want to at least be heard, even if they know their candidate won’t get the nod is no way to win.

And while I had already settled on my choice, there was still hope that hardcore capitalist Bain Capital Mitt Romney might come out and play, despite jerking off the social cons and war hawks to win the nomination.  I’m certain he won’t after watching the last debate, where it was the Marxist 0bama that, in answer to the questions about jobs, got it right in saying that “some jobs aren’t coming back,” where Romney failed.  As he did in most every other economic question, like promising to create 12 million jobs (not the government’s job), including one for that future loan-crushed college kid.  Or his promise to cut the deficit by lowering taxes and not cutting anything that would actually affect the debt.   Oh, and the merits of starting a protectionist trade war with China while simultaneously trying to grow the economy. 

So that brings me to the reasons I will vote for Gary Johnson this election:

1.  Of all the candidates I will have to choose from, Gary Johnson most accurately reflects my political philosophy and worldview.  While there may be some points of disagreement, the underlying principles are there.  This is by far the best reason to vote for a candidate.

2. Gary Johnson has the best record of the available candidates.  Where “conservatives” like Bush didn’t know what the fuck a veto was, Johnson was vetoing roughly the same number of bills during his years as governor of New Mexico as the other 49 state governors.  Combined.  And he ran balanced budgets.  And kept the size of government in check.  And he didn’t create shit like government-controlled health care.

3. Mitt Romney has not earned my vote!  I stress this because the last time I voted for president, I cast my vote for an undeserving piece of shit whose best selling point was Sara Palin.  That and he wasn’t a Marxist.  I steadfastly refuse to support any candidate that presents no reason to vote for him other than “I suck less,”  particularly because voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.  And that’s no way to force change into a system that resists it.

4. If given the choice of voting for 0bama or being shot, I would take the bullet.  I hope I’m not understating this.  If I wanted to really hurt Romney, I would vote for the anti-American Marxist that’s fucking the country right now.  He is, in essence, the antithesis of everything I believe, with an extra helping of douche.  Now if I were forced, at gunpoint, to vote for what the Democrats and Republicans foisted on us, at least Romney has a clue about the private sector.  It’s not an endorsement, but it is at least a way to separate shades of suck.

5.  Gary Johnson climbed Mount Everest.  Wait, let me restate that.  Gary Fucking Johnson Climbed Mount Fucking Everest.   I know, not really a significan qualification.  But the fact that they pretty much dumped him out of the GOP debates proves they have no standards except to pick similarly-polling candidates that suck balls.

So there you have it.  It’s that simple when you look at it.  And perhaps, if the GOP tries to earn my vote again with candidates that represent my views, I will be glad to cast my vote in 2016 (Rand Paul?).  But for now, I can only hope that the country at least has the decency not to reelect a Marxist who is also a failure by his own standards, and that the numbers of people who don’t vote for either candidate (but, like me, are for third party candidates) are in numbers not seen since the Perot candidacy.  A win for Romney will only show that 0bama is really a blithering fuckup, not that Romney is fit to lead.   But until this country figures out that these false choices, which are really of competing visions of bigger government are only paths to ruin, I hold little hope.

But a little hope sometimes manages.


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3 Responses to Why I am Voting for Gary Johnson

  1. uprise1991 says:

    Awesome! Very well said.

  2. notyomama says:

    Good read! I cast my absentee ballot for Johnson yesterday. Love the Buffy reference, BTW. I just posted a few thoughts about the election on my new blog if you want to check it out.

  3. Joe says:

    Patrick, you hit the nail on the head. I went to the polls yesterday to vote for Obama. As soon as I saw Gary Johnson’s name I voted straight Libertarian ticket and then continued to vote individually where there was no libertarian.
    We must vote Gary Johnson if for no other reason than to make the statement to the media that our choices outside of Johnson are crap, and we want coverage!!!
    Ron Paul was ignored and clowned by the Republican Party and railroaded out by the media(including Fox News). Paul’s best coverage came from MSNBC !! Now that is crazy. It means that the Democrats didn’t worry at all that the Republicans thought enough of Paul supporters to give Ron Paul a fair shot. The party has been bought by the Koch brothers and we just don’t matter. Fair and balanced, it is not!
    The Dumbocrats and the Republifuks are really the same party, with the same vision-“Support the Fed, and take the looking glass off the Fed by arguing useless issues made popular by mind-numbing media coverage of these issues.” Either party will expand Fed balance sheets using different justifications. It has been our history and will continue to be as long as voters “waste” their votes by voting for Republicans or Democrats.

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