0bama is STILL a Marxist

For those of you who have questioned my decision to vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, this is as close to a Romney endorsement as I’m going to get.  Because while we don’t agree on who to vote for, there is one person we have in common who should get no rational vote whatsoever:

Barack Hussein “the Marxist” 0bama

(note the number “0” in the name)

Now I have heard complaints, again, about how 0bama is not a Marxist.  I will not claim to be 100% perfect on describing his collectivist, anti-capitalist, anti-freedom philosophy.  I go with Marxism because it is not overly specific, he has history in embracing the general mode of thought, and because I see a continuum in the philosophies of Marxism/communism/socialism and that all of these systems lead to a government that seeks control to both homogenize its citizens/victims and to impose its view of a social order on those it rules over.  Every significant action 0bama has taken over the last four years has advanced this in some way.

Furthermore, even by his own standards, 0bama has failed.  He has failed to magically lower unemployment.  He has pissed on transparency.  He pretty much took the worst of the Bush war machine and ran with it, except for getting the rubber stamp from Congress to wage war.   And 0bamacare is all about colluding with those insurance companies that the Left has so loved to vilify.  Oh, and all that stimulus and bailout money that went to corporations?  That’s your command-economy-arranging Marxist.

So for those of you that are still voting for this piece of shit, you have to fall into one of three categories:

1. You’re a committed Marxist/communist/socialist, hellbent on turning this country into something where your worldview is wholly enforced by the government, no matter what protestations you make of  freedom you mouth.  There are few of you, but you could at least embrace somebody ideologically pure like Jill Stein rather than the freedom-raping.

2. You’re a useless slug, and you know 0bama will drain every motherfucker that has more money than you just to buy your vote. You should be deported, because you add nothing to this country.  Nothing.  Except maybe lottery and cheap beer sales when you turn your government check into an idiot tax.  Oh, and you have your 0bama phones.

3. You’re a fucking moron, who votes Democrap no matter what, or you have no clue about 0bama’s record and you voted with him when he was all shiny and useless.  Find a candidate that represents something you believe in or don’t vote.

In closing, if Romney is elected (and I’m predicting that this will happen based on what I am seeing), it at least indicates this country is not beyond saving.  It still needs saved (because I don’t see Romney getting the job done), but at least there’s a chance.

However, reelecting this lying excuse for a marxist president is proof this country needs to die.


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