Abortion Again?!?!?!

This criticism, while probably applying equally to the Left in their use of the subject, is primarily directed toward the aborto-centrist bunch in the GOP we know as the social conservatives.  And this is not a criticism of your position on when life begins, or your deeply-held beliefs on whatever.  But it is something that needs to be said (and something even Romney has obviously learned):


Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, a quick story.

In the neighboring county, in the local races for county recorder and county clerk (I may be incorrect on those offices), there are plenty of signs out.  Now neither of these office have a damn thing to do with the subject of abortion.  But what are the incumbents slapping up on big billboards to court voters for these positions?


(be sure to imagine I’m saying that in the snottiest voice I can muster)

The fact is, in the county, you can’t get elected to a damn thing unless you have Right To Life’s proverbial dick in your mouth.  But it’s the idea that you’re going to lead with this?  For positions that have nothing to do with the position?  You would lose my vote about immediately for this bullshit pandering.

And this goes for many of the social issues.  If you make your campaign all about things that the government’s role should either be limited or nonexistent, rather than something that matters now (like the economy), then   you deserve to lose so badly that the Demorats stay in that office until this country dies.

But it’s the abortion issue that really tweaks me, because the GOP so easily puts their foot in their mouth when they say something about it (Todd Akin last month, Richard Mourdock this week, Rick (frothy) Santorum on days that end in “y”).  And this is even in cases where I can agree, in a small part, with some of the beliefs that produce these idiot comments.

And it feeds the Democraps, who then play these comments up for the trumped-up GOP “War on Women” because they can’t run on the economy this year.  And while there are plenty of women who have the decency of not voting for the Democrats, it makes them also not want to vote for the Republicans.

Credit to Romney for not getting sucked into this inanity.

And even if your focus is on the issue of abortion, here’s a news flash:  NOTHING WILL CHANGE IN THE SHORT TERM NO MATTER WHO YOU VOTE FOR.  The abortion-banning ship has sailed, and it’s not coming back any time soon.  If you want to work to eliminate abortion, then you need to win the hearts and minds of the people who will have to make this terrible decision in their own lives (been there).

The fact is that this election is about saving the country from permanent economic decline (a reason to have more abortions).  Focus on taking steps to elect people who can fix the economy, and you will do more to save babies than glomming onto aborto-centrist candidates who will shit out a pander-burger for you to eat and do nothing in the process.

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