Fun with Political Nutshots

(note:  this is a post-election rant.  I’m not holding back on the vitriol.  I think you know what that means.  If not, know that the expletives are not the worst of what I’ll say.)

Well, it’s Wednesday, November 7, and the elections are over.  It’s confirmed that the idiot Marxist Barack 0bama will be in charge of mouth-raping the country for the next four years.  Meh.  I was at least hoping for a repudiation of his failure, but that would require intelligent voters.  And it would have required the GOP to not run a fucking flip-flopping moderate like McCain again Romney.  But we can’t have sense from the GOP.

Now I have glanced at a bit at the crap spewed by the fuckhole-in-chief last night.  I couldn’t disagree more.  Increasingly, there will be people like me who will not “work with” people like him because what he (and Romney, to a lesser extent) work toward is slavery for people.  The vote last night only indicates Americans are willing to hasten our demise.  I know that full-time employment for me just got even less likely than before. But maybe I’ll get lucky and die young.  My kids won’t be so lucky.

By the way for those of you who were convinced my vote for Gary Johnson was a vote for the Marxist hack, be assured that the margin in Ohio was more than the total votes Johnson got.  So stop making excuses and figure out what went wrong.

America... Fuck Yeah!Oh, I’ll just tell you.  You pick shit candidates.  You pick idiots like Akin and Mourdock, who spout crazy anti-abortion shit and subsequently lose to people they should have trounced.  Here in Ohio, the GOP sent out the halfwit Josh Mandel, who was summarily trounced by Sherrod “the color of shit” Brown.  You couldn’t beat avowed collectivists like that nut Elizabeth Warren (becuase, surprise, Scott Brown sucked).  Hell, you couldn’t even stop the fucking idiot supreme Alan fucking Grayson from getting back in.  His congressional district should be burned down for that level of rank stupiditiy.

Now, I won’t say that last night was an absolute loss for liberty.  The GOP did retain control of the House, which means 0bama will use more executive orders to circumvent that pesky Constitution rather than having Congress do it.  And maybe we’ll get lucky and Bo(eh)ner will get a backbone and something akin to principles.  I really wish someone had run against him.

As for individual liberty, Maine, Maryland, and Washington VOTED to legalize gay marriage (a first).  And Colorado and Washington legalized pot (an intentionally punny high water mark), setting up some fun state vs federal power that requires 0bama to attack the pot folks again.  Gary Johnson got a LP record of 1% of the vote (which took me a while to find, highlighting why he got 1%).  And in Ohio (I didn’t check beyond that) Libertarian (and independent) candidates generally pulled 3-5%, often in races that weren’t really contested.  But the fact that we’re seeing numbers turning out for not the Dems/GOP is a sign of hopefully good things.

And then there were some congressional winners for the GOP, namely Thomas Massie, Justin Amash, and Kerry Bentivolio.  These are Ron Paul Republicans.  They won because they have some consistent principles.  And this is something we don’t see from Bo(eh)ner and Co.

So, let me lay it out for the GOP what they can do to win my vote (and some elections) in the future (as the current shit ain’t cutting it):

1. Run actual fiscal conservatives rather than people who love big government solutions and protectionism (the Siamese bitch-twin of crony capitalism).  Read the transcripts of Mitt Romney from the debates.  It is all there in all its (lack of) glory.  What you must run on is the idea that you should actually CUT spending (and not just cut the amound of increase).   And this is across the board cuts, not just fucking Big Bird.

2.  Realize that limited government means putting hard limits on government power.  Whenever you give your guy a stick, remember that the next asshole using the stick may use it against you (McCain-Feingold, anyone?), or trade up for a bigger stick (drones in Pock-e-ston).

3. Realize that social conservatism is more about winning hearts and minds than about passing laws.  This is where the GOP finds itself in truly minority territory (see the gay marriage and pot votes this year).   Back to limited government, when you pass laws against things that do not take away another person’s life, liberty, or property, you are giving government the license to use a gun on someone.  So stop the obsession with talking about it, pandering to idiots who will vote for you anyway, and focus on shit that really matters rather than spouting of aborto-obsessive shit that makes women run away.

4.  Understand that there is a limit to what we can do in the world in terms of controlling it, unless we want to go all empire on them savage motherfuckers.  One of the drivers of long-term debt is the insistence we have to keep pouring money into defense, when you could get what you need and still dominate the world just by not getting into what becomes occupations.  And talking trade war or real war when it’s not necessary is asshattery.

5. Sacrificing liberty for security is something that liberals like, progressives promote, and Marxist maximize.  So why do we keep doing so in the name of the “War on Terror” (as well as the “war on drugs”).  Stop it.  Let the intel spooks do what they do, fix the mistakes that led to 9/11, but don’t treat the citizens of this country like criminals until proven innocent in the process.

6. While we’re onto security, the obsession with securing the border is futile.  Unless you want to turn the country into a police state, people are going to come here, mostly for the American Dream (not realizing that we’re pissing it away).  If you fix legal immigration, including a real guest worker program (which means you get the taxes from the workers), stop the calls to hunt down people whose only crime did not violate another person’s life, liberty, or property.  This lost you the Latino vote.  And the other step to end criminals streaming across the borders with drugs and secure the border?  End prohibition (aka, that War on Drugs).  It didn’t work with alcohol, it hasn’t worked with drugs.

6.  Urban black culture voted 97% for 0bama.  Those who didn’t are among the few intelligent people.  Welcome them.  But fuck the rest, because they are too damned stupid to deserve consideration, especially considering they’ve been impacted more by the shitbag 0bama’s policies than the rest of us.  Same for the Jewish vote.  Probably should have run Ron Paul just to spite them.

7. Look at the non-agression principle.  Read up on it.  In short, the principle dictates that the only justification for the use of force (government) is in response to a thread against life, liberty or property.  Thus, damned limited government.  You have not learned this.  And this principle applies to all of the above items.  Even if you don’t embrace it, recognizing that laws that piss on the non-agression principle should be limited or sunsetted or never passed is a step toward the principles the GOP is supposed to represent.

8. Don’t assume that we’ll vote for a candidate because the Democrat sucks.  As the ancient media is replaced with the cloud of personalized info that is the Internet, the duopoly of Democrat/Republican election politics is going to get fuzzier.  The Libertarian Party is going to start pulling people off, as will the Green Party (who did draw enough from Gore in Florida in 2000).    In fact, between the LP and the Greens, as of last check, their total votes are more than the margin of victory.

9. The Democrats, mostly, are against most of the things above (except the social issues).  So my advice when the bipartisan talk starts?  FUCK COMPROMISE!  Hold the line on the size and scope of government at all costs, and explain daily why you are doing so.  Get simple legislation passed, over and over, and let the Dems kill it.  And don’t stop, even while running candidates in 2 years.

Take these points for what they are: an opinion of someone who sucked it up in 2008, despite the repeated nutshots, and is tired of being ignored until you have to schlep for votes.  This number is growing, and you can no longer ignore that conservatism doesn’t mean what it did back in the Reagan era.  If you choose to ignore these observations, then expect more of us to not be there when you start whining.


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