Over the Cliff!!!!

In short, the “fiscal cliff” is coming, and we need to go right the hell over it.

Now, why am I saying we need to to go over come January?  That’s easy.  We need to crash, because we deserve it.  And because we haven’t learned shit otherwise.

First, after 100 years of pushing progressive government solutions to every problem, accumulating assloads of debt over the last 30 years (the last 12 being the worst), the political class that got overwhelmingly reelected, despite fucking us over the last 2 years, is still discussing doing exactly the same stupid shit we’ve been doing.  Actually, that shouldn’t be surprising when the majority of idiot voters voted to keep the politicians doing the same stupid shit.

So let’s detail the idiocy, and then the solution for each:

The 0bama “plan”:  This is fucking bullshit.  There is no intelligent response to the idea of resolving a SPENDING PROBLEM by SPENDING MORE MONEY!!!  Please, someone, anyone, explain how the literal fuck this makes sense.  So ignore this idiot Marxist hack bastard and any idiotic (yes, that’s redundant) thing he says.  Especially when he vomits out anything about class warfare or “revenue”.  No solution other than a rounding chorus of “Fuck this shit”.

The GOP “offer”:  The only reason their offer is better is because it’s not the 0bama abortion.  Perhaps they should throw Boehner out the front door of the Capitol, down the steps, and into the street.  And then figure out what “conservative” actually should mean, because what it is now is a joke.  The solution is simple:  Stop arguing about taxes, strap on some porta-spines, take your balls out of the testicle lockbox, and pass some actual spending cuts (and by cuts, I mean spend LESS than you did last year). Details forthcoming.

Revenues:  Our tax system is an insane cluster of apparent progressivisim and assloads of deductions to offset that, so that a privileged group gets off pretty free, most taxpayers get screwed, and damn near half the population doesn’t pay taxes (and gets “refund” checks that are actually transfer payments from taxpayers for squeezing out little bastards).  And all of this DOESN’T ACTUALLY MATTER!  At all.  Because while it needs major fixing, the budget problems we have are not due to money coming into the federal government.  The problem is spending.  So the solution here is simple.  We either 1. lock the tax rates at their current levels, taking that completely off the table, or 2. we let everything expire, jacking taxes on everyone.  Then, since taxes are stable at that point, we lock them in at the worse rates.  Either way, the response is to say, “we don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem,” and refuse to discuss taxes any further.

Cutting shit:  Right now, they’re playing around with the baseline bullshit.  And meanwhile, the sequestration cuts are coming.  On the plus, it’s a start.  Easy answer here:  Let the sequestration hit.  No compromise.    This means there will be some mild cuts in everything.  That’s a GOOD thing.  And since the discussion is between not spending much more and whatever stupid shit 0bama is suggesting, there’s no reason to not let the cuts come.  Especially considering some of the cuts will hit….

The Military-Industrial Complex:  The GOP and far too many conservatives have made this a sacred cow, and are not even willing to freeze spending.  Considering we spend more on our military than half the rest of the world (including China and Russia), I don’t think freezing spending is going to suddenly turn us into a military kitten.  My suggestion and compromise is simple.  1. Freeze spending at current levels, 2. start pulling out of the gazillion bases we have established around the world, leaving a significantly smaller footprint, 3. get the hell out of Afghanistan, pull the remnants out of Iraq, and abandon the Middle east to the nutcase ragheads, 4. force the Pentagon to get its fiscal house in order, and 5. find ways to conquer countries with trade and diplomacy rather than drone-bombing them.  In short, a more humble foreign policy backed by one hell of a hammer is much more effective than effective occupation of the world.

Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security:  Note I left the 0bamacare monstrosity out, because to make it happen, you have to spend money, which does not happen under this plan.  But these are the sacred cows of both parties (when Romney started on his “I want to save social security” shit during the campaign I so wanted to slap the taste out his mouth).  The problem here is that far too many people are far too dependent on these programs.  So just cutting the shit is not practical.  So here’s the solution for Medicare and Social Security: 1. raise the ages, because there are too many people who retire early, when they could still be productive, 2. means testing, which sucks and screws people who have worked hard and should be getting some of their money back, but it’s either that or we all get boned, and 3. start winding down the programs over the next 50 years.  I might get a few pennies out of it, and my children get nothing, but ending the Ponzi scheme of Social Security in favor of a private retirement savings (even if it’s something forced) will at least result in something sustainable.  As for Medicaid (and similarly, medicare and 0bamacare): This should, in no way, be a function of the federal government; move all of medicaid to the state level, which makes it more on the state to figure out how to make what they decide to keep as workable (remembering that government-provided health care should be a safety net at most, and not a “right”.

In short, we have two options in this “debate”:  We can either continue spending more money while trying our Atlas Shrugged imitation (what the Washington duopoly is doing (also known as a circle jerk)), or we can start using this thing called common fucking sense, which brings us to the conclusion that spending more money while watching the old chicken dancing on a hotplate will only end up broke and with a nasty bird badly cooked.  And since “compromise” is only deciding on which way we get screwed from DC, a little crash and burn is the only practical option.


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