Mother’s Day Musings

For me, Mother’s Day isn’t high on my priority list. For example, I spent this Mother’s Day working then suffering through another damn headache (which for your information sucked monkey nut sack balls).

Now mind you, I did take my mother out for supper Saturday night and my sister and I might do something else with her the following weekend when I don’t have the kids. However since I usually got along with my father better than my mother for many many many many many many many many many many many many many years, Mother’s Day has never been the biggest of holidays in my world. Plus the fact that I’m a father not a mother and the damn kids damn school damn get damn stuff damn for mothers and we fathers get the short end of the stick which also sucks monkey nut sack balls.

I’m also reminded buy this holiday that I completely sucked ass in picking a mother for my children. In fact , speaking of the succubus, her entire Mother’s Day (concerning her own children) consisted of sending me a text at quarter till 5 in the evening while I’m laying in another room with a headache, that says, “Did you today i was suppose to get the kids on mothers day”. I probably did think about getting the kids to her at some point for Mother’s Day, except I never heard from her until this text this late in the day.

The word suck doesn’t even begin to describe this far from excellent arrangement.  I will save those damn Mother’s damn Day things they made in school, of course, unless I don’t hear from her until June (always a possibility).

So with Mother’s Day out of the way, I’m looking forward to Father’s Day (not really) which will be me having to put up with the kids being the kids as usual.  Can’t wait until they get old enough to buy me shit, being the greedy bastard I am.

(Note, some of this post is about being humorous (so don’t take it that seriously), and about testing out voice to text functions on the new tablet.  I only had to fix some stuff.)


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