So I Haven’t Posted in Forever… Again

So it’s been long enough since the last time I fired up the ol’ blog that I’m having to refresh my memory on how to use it.  And update my login to the obscenity known as Facebook, which is still more trustworthy than the NSA (not a political post this time, but damn).

And I think I know why.  It’s because I was becoming a lazy fat fuck.

I know this is the case because I stepped on scales on my son’s birthday a little over a week ago.  the number came in at 216.  Now for some of you, that may not be a big number, but for a small-framed bastard like me, it’s not good.  And this was after I added a full(ish)-length mirror to remind myself how sloppy I had become (and not to watch myself jerk off as I shit as no one but me has speculated, based on the fact it’s hung in the perfect position for this, and I just shared way too much again, didn’t I?).

And I won’t even go into the blood pressure readings I’d get at some of those self-checking kiosks in Wal-Mart.  If there was a setting labelled “Holy ass-crapping thundernuts, why aren’t you dead yet?” I’d have gotten that.  It was pretty high.

And how could I forget my headaches.  My day-long crippling bitch headaches, that nothing I’ve tried so far (legal or otherwise) has worked.

So I had heard about Atkins, the Paleo diet, and the whole gluten-free thing over the years.  And the gluten free also came with a promise of a better functioning brain.  So with that, and some major portion control (vs my usual 2-3 plates of food). I started out on the diet change last weekend.

This weekend, I’m posting something.

After buying a scale, I got my naked weight, which hovered around 208.  Yesterday, after a week in, I was able to get the scale to give me a number of 205.  That’s not a lot, but since my goal is to permanently change my diet rather than just lose weight, any number is good.

As for  the brain, I can’t say whether this is a placebo effect or actual clarity, but my twitter feed (which had been burying me for weeks) is caught up now, I’ve managed to get my room mostly clean, and I’m writing a post for the first time in many months.

And I haven’t had a full-bore headache since before the diet.  Still too soon on that, but it may be a good sign.

Now, since it just tuned 9am on a Sunday, time to raise my blood pressure on some political bullshittery.   Maybe I’ll even write a post aboot it.


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