Notes on the “Shutdown”

So I hadn’t gotten back to blogging in any meaningful way until after the shutdown began. And since I didn’t want to Johnny-come-lately the whole thing, I figured I’d wait until we got to the debt ceiling and the GOP finally caved as they always do.

So we’re there. Now all of us who were momentarily heartened by a flash of spine by the GOP are now doubled over by the latest nutshot from the Bo(eh)ner/McConnell machine (or had the sense to assume it was coming and covered our junk.  So let’s get to the highlights:

1. The 0bamacare fight was never winnable in this – The GOP lost this years ago when they botched things so badly that the Dems were able to ram the piece of shit through, and the GOP never fielded enough power to stop it (Mitt fucking Romney?).  So despite the signs of life from the likes of Ted Cruz, it was a dumb move.  Mainly because….

2. The shutdown distracted us from the disastrous rollout failure of the exchanges – We’re a couple weeks out and it’s still a debacle.  If this was like Apple (or more accurately, like some of the online game rollout messes (Diablo III and Sim City, for example)), those companies would be in shambles from this big of a PR clusterfuck.  More accurately, they’d be on the way out of business.  Because the exchanges appear to be less technical glitch and more of a systemic failure, on both ends and all in between.

3. The only thing good that came out of the shutdown was highlighting how much of a dick 0bama is – We all expected some less-than-vital shit to be shut down and people to be inconvenienced for political points (the advantages of controlling the White House), but Fuckface the Asslicker 0bama showed us how a tyrant does it better.  Spend more money Barrycading open-air monuments, specifically against those damned WWII vets, check.  Lock down private companies and homes because they’re on government land, check.  Send armed guards to terrorize tourists in Yellowstone, check.  Pit cones up at wides spots on the roads around Mt Rushmore so tourists can’t take pictures of presidents who aren’t complete dicks (except Teddy Roosevelt, who pretty much was a progressive dick), check.  In short, fuck that asshole.  I expect some shit in politics, but this was an unprecedented dick move (even Clinton wasn’t this big of a dick [insert your own blowjob humor here]).

4. The net result was business as usual, with no substantial changes, except the GOP lost again – The media, in large part, has been sucking off the scumbag 0bama for years.  Even when they criticize, you can often detect a note of desperation in their pleas to Dear Ruler to not force them to have to be objective.  So although the House GOP somehow found some “principles”, despite keeping that idiot Boehner in the leadership, they quickly squandered it in their usual way: talking dispassionate numbers while the Dems called them everything but a child of God. At least if they had delegated Michele Bachmann to punch Nazi Pelosi right in the fucking mouth (and then streamed the subsequent bitch fight as a pay-per-view), it would have been a sign that they had actual spine.  Instead, it’s talk a weak game then fold like a napkin.

So in the end, the “shutdown” was a two-week distraction that only made the GOP look stupider, and kicked the can down the road.

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Father, tech-head, political sage, and the Illustrious One of (little) 3x2 fame, I have been blogging for a few years now, and want to stretch in new directions, discover new things, and redefine redefining just for the fun of it. Nonetheless, having produced a pointless paragraph about me, I'll stop before something bursts.
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11 Responses to Notes on the “Shutdown”

  1. LOVE the attitude. The egotism alternating with an undercurrent of self-deprecation really works. Your writing’s clever and energetic. You swear too much for my taste, but ah… it’s your space.

  2. Such fine sour grapes. It was a good vintage.

    • Sour grapes? Probably. That tends to happen when both halves of the government combine to make life suck. Not that it has affected me personally, except for a lot more traffic in my twitter feet about the senselessness of Washington.

      • jerrycritter says:

        Get rid of the tea party and you would see a lot more accomplishments coming out of Congress…not that you would be happy with them.

  3. I don’t want more “accomplishments” coming out of Congress. That’s the root of the problem itself.

    We have two parties that both want to grow their particular pieces of government. For the right, it’s the military, the application of moral constraints (the FCC for example), and some lovely corporate welfare. The left wants to grow pretty much everything else.

    And while they may come of as just no-monkeys and sometimes downright sad, having a side in the debate that doesn’t agree with everything else the other side says (see the Romney/0bama “debates”), is pretty damn necessary. So as long as there are right wingnuts like the Tea Party, and left wing loons like the MoveOn bunch, we’ll be better off. The problem is the compromising bunch in the middle that occupy Congress.

    • jerrycritter says:

      The problem is that the “right wingnuts like the Tea Party” are controlling the republicans. The “left wing loons like the MoveOn bunch” have little if any control over the Democrats.

      • The right wingnuts are controlling the GOP? Are you fucking kidding? Have you not paid attention to the last decade? All the big-government bullshit Bush pulled. Or the mess of 2008. Or even the last two presidential elections? Fuckface McCain and “I agree with 0bama” Romney? Or even the fact that idiots like Boehner and McConnell are in power?

        They pay lip service to the tea party (which are distant cousins to great and not powerful libertarians that I count myself among), but always grow things. Please show me where the Tea Party is controlling anything?

      • jerrycritter says:

        Where have you been the last 4years?

      • Watching the GOP give lip service to the things the Tea Party is fighting for, then giving in. Every time.

        Considering that, by every measure, the government has continued to expand its power and breadth of control, the tea party has no power. Now, do you have anything you can point to? I don’t.

      • jerrycritter says:

        The tea party”s power has been to disrupt, delay, and for the most part prevent any meaningful operation or legislation of Congress. They are the reason Congressional approval rating is hovering around single digits. They have brought Congress to its knees. Of course some people, perhaps you, see that as a benefit of the tea party.

  4. Before I respond, I did think of one success before I got back to the comments: the sequester.

    Ok, let’s see, the first thing they tried to prevent was the broken mess of 0bamacare (they failed). The orgy of spending known as the stimulus (they failed). And as I pointed out above, the only specific I came up with where they had any success was the sequester.

    And again, you fail to point to anything specific they stopped or achieved. The disrupting and delaying.part is actually a function of the minority party. Any legislation should be challenged and argued and debated. Some things that were passed without shit for debate include the PATRIOT act, the 2008 bailout (despite bipartisan screaming from the people), and such recent idiocy as paying government workers for the time they were furloughed and doing nothing.

    Our government was designed to slow down and stop legislation from sailing through, because that’s usually when we get fucked the hardest.

    And if you haven’t figured it out yet, I don’t trust or like either party, because we get the worst legislation when one is in total control (or they get all compromise-y in the back rooms).

    A counter example is the whole Syria mess. That took serious grassroots effort from libertarian,s antiwar activists, the heritage foundation,, much of the tea party, and various other groups that usually don’t agree (and didn’t even agree on the reason to argue against another war. Had we not all risen up, we’d be slinging boms in another country by now. Or even more important, there was the defeat of COPA/PIPA and CISPA (although CISPA seems to have come back yet again).

    In short, this is not a democracy we live in. The majority doesn’t just get their damn way. And anything that gives the government more power usually ends up bad for us.

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