“Thank You Third Party Types, You Just Elected Another Corrupt Democrat…”

The title of this post is directly taken from this post over at the 0bama-sucks/Rah-Rah-GOP site Mike’s America.  This is because, as I have followed his site since 2008, I had to read today’s expected post as he whines out the same song as last year when the 0bama-clone Mitt Romney lost to the piece of shit original 0bama, and there may have been a few places where the Libertarian candidate took away victory from neo-0bama and gave it to 0bama.

And yes, we third party voters know when we don’t vote for the big-government Republican, it’s going to end up helping the big-government Democrat.  That was definitely the case in Virginia, where Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis won 6.6%.  This is much more than the 2% margin that corrupt piece of shit Terry McAuliffe won over the GOP loser Ken Cuccinelli.  So it looks like those libertarian votes did matter and it was way enough to tip the balance.

To that I say: Too fucking bad.

It’s the responsibility of each candidate to earn their votes.  Cuccinelli failed to do so, even with an endorsement from the libertarian likes of Ron Paul.  It’s that simple.

It’s this thing called personal responsibility.  You have heard of that, haven’t you?

You can blame the successful smear campaign of the Demorats, casting Cuccinelli as a nutty social conservative (mostly true).  You can blame the abortion and birth control issue, since that seems to have driven the women into the arms of McAuliffe (I wonder if Bill Clinton will take the sloppy seconds?).  Or you can take the cowardly route, and insult the people who said “Fuck the GOP” because the GOP doesn’t represent them, thus making us (because I’m one of them) not want to look at you further.  But none of that is going to help you win next time.

Now looking back, I can think of another election where third party candidate’s presence cost the GOP an election.  That was the Bush/Clinton/Perot race.  In that case, it was because the GOP candidate sucked ass.  As in he shat on the base.  And considering that the GOP has largely screwed us when we’ve given them power (remember, 0bama is only doubling down on the worst that Bush gave us), and because they keep the same idiots in charge (Boehner, McConnell, etc), and they keep sending up the worst candidates (Romney, fuckface McCain), the party itself doesn’t look like it’s going to change.  I could go on here about why the GOP is just the other side of the big government coin, but this is mostly about responding to people who want to keep losing (Christie 2016!  WOOOOOOO!).

So to Mike, and to every Republican who wants to attack the people that rejected them, please email me your email address and your cheese preference, so I can send you a wheel of it too go with your whine.


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