Addressing the Elephant’s A-Hole (trump)

First, I hate the idea of even having to name him in the title, but as he is the GOP front runner, and the recipient of the most ink in the press, I think my refusal to even utter his name in tweets or posts needs to be addressed. And as for the title, I want to be clear who it’s about, so no one thinks this is about me and some unusual goings-on at the zoo or something.

(On a side note: For this post, I shall use his initials (DT), and otherwise refer to him as a fucking pair of clown shoes. My apologies to the footwear of those oft-reviled performers.)

While there are many candidates I disagree with currently running for the presidency (all of them, with Rand Paul being the least disagreeable by a margin), I will at least listen to what most of them are saying. I may not really give a shit what kind of shit Huckabee is spewing, or the santorum that Santorum produces, but at least I can respect them as candidates to some degree (a very damned small degree to be sure).

However, my issues with DT require that I treat him like the asshole of the elephant. The only thing coming out of him is GOP shit. Every single bad thing a Republican candidate could say is contained in his blather. Anti-immigrant crap? Check. Anti-science shit (like vaccines)? Check. Ample fuel for the Democrat War on Women meme? Hella-check.

I won’t even go into the flip-flops, or his active crony support of the Democrats.

He is essentially a collection of the worst tendencies of the GOP. I’m just waiting for wither the word “queer” or “faggot” to surface in one of his speeches.

This has apparently escaped his fans, who keep defending him no matter what. They make the 2008 Ron Paul supporters (who turned out to be pretty spot-on) sound reasonable by comparison.

And if all that isn’t enough, consider the man himself. We have a person who is more famous now for being famous than he is for dealing in real estate. Mostly this is through his brand, which is his name. And most of this is through, effectively, baffling people with bullshit. In fact, he’s nearing Kardashian-levels of pseudo-fame.

(Another side note: I also NEVER talk about the Kardashi-sluts if I can help it for the same reason. Can’t wait until one of them ends up in the 2028 GOP race.)

So in essence, EVERYTHING that would be bad for the GOP to embrace is found in this one front-runner. I am serious about my threat to vote Democrat if this excuse of a candidate gets through the primaries and gets nominated. He’s that bad.

The main reasons I left the GOP were their obsession over continuing wars, clinging to lost social issues, a the tendency to always nominate the least conservative and most crony-tied candidates. The party has been losing their way over the last couple decades, and with the rise of shitcocks like DT, I don’t see that ending soon.

Until that changes, I’ll continue to seek out the most libertarian candidate I can (and fight against anyone supporting a pair of clown shoes).


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  1. jerrycritter says:

    The problem really isn’t Trump. There have a lays been people like him. They were just ignored. Practically no one supports them. The problem is the significant percentage of republicans that agree with him, and a media that promotes him because there is money in it.

    Politics has become a reality show..

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