Why Birthright Citizenship is Good (other than it’s also in the 14th Amendment)

In the rush to build the biggest wall on the Mexican border, the GOP candidates and much of the party have lost sight of the nature of this country. Simply put, we are a nation of immigrants. With the exception of some natives (who may have immigrated when there was a land bridge where the Bering Strait currently flows), all of us can trace our roots to another country, whether we came willingly or not. And the freedom to come here has always been what has allowed us to grow stronger.

Of course, there were always those who found specific nationalities to single out as undesirable (a quick search found the Chinese and Irish as targets, and that’s only scratching the surface). Today it’s the Mexicans and Muslims.

Muslims are unwanted mainly due to the futile War on Terror (more on that later), so I’ll leave them out of this one and deal with everyone south of the border (and north of it due to illegal immigration). And without getting into the ludicrous nature of our immigration system (which encourages ignoring the law since legal entry is a joke), let’s address why people are all ready to throw the anchor babies out with the bathwater.

Welfare, welfare, welfare. Essentially, the concern is that immigrants come to this country to drop babies and sponge off the system. So first, let’s go to research from the Cato Institute for starters.  I found some conflicting numbers which indicate that immigrants use a large portion of welfare benefits. It appears that those are the legal ones. The Illegal ones don’t. It also seems they pay in taxes.

Plus, consider the jobs that people come into this country illegally to do. These are not the kinds of jobs that people who seek to sponge off the system do.

In the end, it comes down to the principle of freedom of movement; people should, with the bare minimum of interference, be able to cross borders. 9/11 does not change the principle, nor justify the insanity known as the TSA. And to that end, our immigration policy should be open as possible, welcoming all but known criminals and confirmed terrorists. And they should be welcomed as additions to a vibrant economy, not a drain on an overbearing welfare system.

And if you want to solve the problem of anchor babies being used to get welfare, try eliminating the welfare instead of the babies (insert pro-life reference)….


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