On the Departure of Rand Paul

A day after it broke as news (because I’m always behind (heh, heh)), I found out that Rand Paul had called it quits after his less-than-his-principled-father crappy showing in Iowa.  This brings a few thoughts into my head that must be shared.

First, Rand’s campaign was looked at as the libertarian alternative to the by-the-book GOP agenda on several social, domestic, war, and budget issues. That Rand appeared to drop some of these positions to try to suck in the GOP base only resulted in him losing his base, as well as many of his father’s supporters who would be willing to support a Ron Paul-lite candidate over the rest of the GOP circus. That Rand failed to understand this and alienated him, then tried to bring it back with less than a month to go alienated enough people. So now, the GOP is essentially in lockstep on their positions. At least Rand will be back in the senate, hopefully fighting the litany of shit in my next point.

Second, here’s the emerging GOP platform as far as I can tell, and my problems with it:

  • MOAR WARZ PLZ – Yes, that’s all misspelled and stupid, but the leading candidates are vying for who can make the most asinine statement about how we should continue prosecuting an perpetual and unwinnable war against an enemy that will keep coming back as long as we are fighting them. Seriously, there seems to be now strategy on how to bring the war to a close, other that “Kill the shit out of the fuckers.” That it hasn’t worked for 15 years, and might only work if you start lobbing nukes and turn the entire Middle East into a giant sheet of glass should be an indicator that we won’t win this. And trying to win that way will piss off even more people, by the way.
  • We will keep you save *cocks gun* – On the homefront, the GOP wants to protect our freedom. Unless it might involve TERRORISTS!!!!. Then, any freedom-boning, hyper-spying, backdoor-building, Big Brother scheme is A-OK. At least you get to keep your guns for when the cops raid you.
  • POLICE! OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR! – The issue of criminal justice reform just went out the window, as did ending the evil and immoral war on drugs. Because the ever-expanding mass incarceration for voluntary transactions that the politicians don’t approve of must continue. FOREVER! Because Marijuana is bad, M’kay? Never mind that the states are slowly learning they can give the middle finger to Washington on these issues. The Law is the Law. And I Am THE LAW. Ok, I think I’ve accidentally morphed into Judge Dredd for some reason. I’d better not give the GOP any ideers.
  • Hey he, ho ho, these immigrants have got to go – At some point, some of the leading candidates have voiced some degree of sense on the issue of legal and illegal immigration. Of course, that’s being used against them now, as the cacophony of voices for building walls and catapulting the Mexicans over it grows daily. Of course, considering that the numbers crossing the border now are around a net 0 won’t stop the screaming. Because we have to follow the law, no matter how stupid and immoral the law may be (unless it’s Obamacare, of course). Gotta love hypocrisy. This is how they propose to “solve” problems the immigration system. And if you’re Muslim, well you don’t need to bring your ragheaded, goat-raping ass anywhere near ‘Murica. Fuck yeah!
  • TEH GAYS – Those battles have been lost, but the GOP will still trot out some throwbacks (wacky preachers and the one bastard from Duck Dynasty) designed to alienate all thinking people in the pursuit of people who are already voting for them over the abortion issue. Why not get the Phelps fucks out on the trail for whoever wins the nomination? That’ll show them queers.
  • We want to stop out-of-control spending in Washington. Except… – There’s a lot of war going on out there. War on Islam Terror, War on drugs, War on Spics Illegal Immigration, War on Prostitutes Women Human Trafficking, War on Cops, etc. And that costs money. Never mind that on the defense budget alone we outspend the next 6 or 7 countries combined (and most of them are allies) and that nukes (and free trade) are big deterrents to all-out war (unless you’re Iran, then fuck you). We NEED MORE MONEY FOR THE GOOD FIGHT! Oh, and we’re not going to cut Social Security or Medicare. We’ll reduce the $19 TRILLION in debt by taking on the millions of dollars going to Planned Parenthood, and at least a small amount of the billions Obamacare is costing. And don’t worry about them pesky calculations. Because we’re conservative. And by that, we mean we ain’t changing shit. Except Obamacare. Because Obama.
  • Fuck Obama – Hillary is Obama’s Bitch. You don’t want Obama’s bitch in there too, do you? (*I do agree with this point to a degree, but just because you’re the lesser of 2 evils, you don’t magically become not an evil)

Third, I’m probably voting Libertarian this fall (and definitely in the primaries), as I have already predicted that it will be the lying bitch Hillary Clinton vs Marco Rubio. So here’s Gary Johnson’s site. Give it a peep and see what a good principled candidate looks like. Even if he somehow fails to become the Libertarian Party candidate, it’s at least worth a look at how people disgusted with Team Red’s bullshit (and who will never embrace the fascism/socialism of Team Blue) see the election.


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4 Responses to On the Departure of Rand Paul

  1. jerrycritter says:

    You do realize that Sanders supports none of your GOP objections and Clinton only fails on your last one.

    Do you have a similar list of Democratic objections?

    • Where to begin here…?

      First, Clinton is as terrible on the War on Terror as the GOP candidates. She’s about as genuine on any topic as her polls show. She’s about the same as her husband, except without the charm and horniness. If I was choosing the Dem candidate, I’d prefer Sanders, since he’s more of a straight shooter.

      Sanders likes to get his xenophobia on as well from time to time.

      Both candidates aren’t going to do a damn thing about runaway spending. Hillary will be the status quo, and Sanders, while he may trim the military (over the GOP’s Trump-bullet-ridden corpse), every plan he has will skyrocket debt (because he’s been fuzzy as hell on how he is going to pay for it other than his usual “tax Wall Street” schtick, which won’t begin to cover things.

      Also, both of the candidates love to hump the campaign finance dog. Clinton does it disingenuously, except when trying to silence critics. And Sanders might actually believe it’s possible to get money out of politics without addressing why there’s so much money in politics (not surprising, given his breathtaking ignorance on simple economics.

      Which brings me to the economic theories themselves. Hillary is a crony capitalist whore, just like Rubio would be (since he loves him some of those Bush years). Bernie is less of a true socialist, as he’s not arguing to socialize all the means of production; he just wants to control as much as possible, which would be economic fascism.

      Two other points: Both candidates have a terrible understanding of what a right is, as many “rights” they ascribe require putting a gun to someone’s head to make the “right” exist (health care, for example). And to clarify the gun comment, I’m not talking about Hillary (and now Bernie) leaning toward scratching out the second amendment. I’m talking about the brute force government uses to enforce its will on the individual. It comes town to the legal ability for the government to say “do it, or we’ll fucking arrest/shoot/kill you.

      Both the Dems and the GOP have things I agree with. But on both sides, the consensus is a larger, more intrusive government in our lives, no matter which of the hacks gets elected.

  2. jerrycritter says:

    Either a democrat or a republican will be elected president. Sorry you won’t be participating in the selection.

    • I AM participating in the selection. It reminds me of the Ross Perot days, in a way. There, we had a third alternative. And one of these days the third alternative will succeed. But until then, I won’t give my vote unearned to some asshole who has a D or R strapped to their name. And if everyone did as I’ll do, I think the 2 parties would have problems electing their asshats.

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