Still, F*ck Trump

First of all, let me reiterate that I’m a Libertarian, and that I voted as such (as in everyone I voted for (except one candidate running unopposed) lost. The bullshit of election day was not my fault, because I didn’t vote for evil; 96% of the electorate did though. And I won’t be congratulating the President-elect, because fuck trump. I have been clear at every mention of him the kind of person we’re dealing with. I can take my disgust with him back to my early Twitter days, where I’m pretty certain a nasty tweet to Hannity got me blocked back in 2013 or 2014. And that tweet was about legitimizing a blithering idiot by the name of trump by having his idiotic ass on the show.

Now, having said that, let’s get to eating the shit (best advice: bite, chew, swallow, repeat) and look at why America chose a celebreality clown over easily one of the most corrupt Democrat candidates of my lifetime.

1. Damn, Hillary sucked – A good chunk of the blame goes to the DNC and Hillary Clinton for this. Not that I expect much, but the race might have been more interesting if the Dems had not actively worked to cut out Bernie Sanders. I don’t agree with him on much, but one point where he and I (and a certain dickhole-elect) agree to some point is that Washington and crony business are inbreeding, and should be burned with fire. Sanders drew the completely wrong conclusion from the same realization, but at least he would have been an interesting and honorable candidate. Of course, he shat on that when he hopped on the Hillary train.

Which brings us the the unlikable half of the Clinton team, Hillary. She is the very definition of Washington establishment (more on that in a bit). She and Bill have been dodging scandals nationally since 1992, with only a small break between the end of Bill’s presidency and her Senate race. So add all that up and you have a candidate that no one could be enthusiastic about, except to argue that she would be better than trump (an argument not without merit).

Still, people should be voting for a candidate, not for the lesser of two evils. If you’re going to vote evil, vote Cthulhu. And with a platform of “4 more years of 0bama, except with no charisma and more vagina,” it’s no wonder she underperformed everywhere.

2. The Milquetoast GOP – I started my conversion to libertarian back in 2008, when Bush, McCain, and the GOP abandoned any pretense of conservative economic policy, and joined with 0bama and the Dems to start bailing shit out. Also, there was the redistributionist tax cuts, which was the culmination of the GOP’s ditching of reform that they essentially gave up after 9/11 in favor of growing the government like hyperactive ball cancer. I vowed never to hold my nose again after my McCain vote, and voted in the primaries for Ron Paul 4 years later, and for Gary Johnson that fall.

The fact is that the GOP establishment is equally to blame for the ungodly growth of government into much of our lives, so much so that in some categories (war, the surveillance state, social programs), the difference is a matter of degree, not a fundamental and principled difference.

So when the unlikely joke of a candidacy that was the trump machine came along, we got the establishment’s best milquetoast (Rubio, another fucking Bush), the libertarian-ish option that tried to not be (Rand Paul), and the crazy conservative most people didn’t like (Cruz), among others to challenge him. Not surprisingly in hindsight, they failed, and the lesser of two evils came down to the anti-establishment pussygrabber-elect and the Democrat definition of what people don’t like about government.

3. Fuck Washington, and the Establishment, Right in Its Ear – The fact is, Washington sucks. The only reason we keep returning incumbents in large numbers is because there are only two choices, and they generally both suck. So you go with what you know. But since we don’t have that “luxury” it means that every 8 years, we get to pick a newer and more dictatorial thug who gains power every new presidency.In fact, I don’t remember the last time we got someone who rejected/decreased the power of the presidency (because the last ones of any note might be Calvin Coolidge and/or Ike Eisenhower, and my parents had yet to meet/bone).

The problem is that this has bred more contempt for Washington and its tendency to inbreed with select businesses, fail to legislate its way out of problems caused by prior legislation, and generally suck more and more into its gaping maw. As a result, more and more people want to blow it up to some degree. Sanders supporters were one group. Anyone voting third party are another. And the third group in the “Washington Sucks!” brigade is a sizable portion of the trump supporters. And while their choice of candidate to break the system is sure to backfire (as trump is a megalomaniacal power-loving thug with a penchant for using the government as a bludgeon to serve his interests), the idea was that putting his thuggishness in there would essentially force the GOP and Dem establishment to deal with a non-politician and magically not have 2/3 of the government at their disposal. Again, doubt it will work, but I did take some pleasure in watching the establishment squirm (until trump appeared electable, then ffffffuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkk………).

So if there is one positive to be taken from this debacle of a dumpster fire of an election, it’s that the establishment got grabbed by the pussy (of course) and kicked square in the ass.

4.  Leftist Politics and the Reactionary Right – This one is a little broader category, and can be categorized in many ways. One of the hallmarks of the trump strategy was to appeal to working class white voters that often voted Democrat. This is a part of the Democrat coalition that is not down with the hard-left progressive movement, who are known for pressing lots of social change down the throats of America. Some things, which leads to increased liberty, are things that I, as a Libertarian, can certainly get behind. And I think it was one of these that got me on’s email list.

A second thing is something that has only gotten more ridiculous, being something that I dealt with in college, over 20 years ago (damn, I’m getting old), and that is the groupthink of political correctness, which has gotten increasingly shrill over the years. And I call it groupthink, as it’s a mindset that there is one right opinion on social issues, and that anyone who doesn’t (ironic fucking trigger warning) suck that philosophical dick must be a hatemonger, bigot, racist, homophobe, misogynist, and enabler of the white patriarchy.

This brings me back to the emails, and the whole “United Against Hate” slogan. Their entire argument for Hillary was that trump, and all his supporters, are haters. And I use the term “hater” because it’s an unthinkingly idiotic word that conveys no meaning, except to draw that absolute ideological line. Even when trump vomits out some position that is closer to their stated belief than the crap coming from Hillary (on the state of perpetual war, trump, by his statements is technically better overall (when he’s not promising to bomb the shit out of somebody). The fact is that most people who voted for Trump probably would agree that a lot of his statements and tweets are garbage, and that we need to be more tolerant, more accepting, etc. But when you slap them all in a basket called “Deplorables” you give them ammunition to resist your one-sided attacks.

The fact is that large swathes of people get downright pissed about the immoral moral absolutism that the politically correct left spews out. That, along with the anti-government sentiment, was enough to animate a large voting block. Sure, there are some real pieces of human shit among trump supporters, along the moral equivalent of klansmen. But treating everyone like that just makes them want to beat you down.

Also, it doesn’t help when you want to hold national gettogethers to feel “safe” now that trump is elected (but can’t do shit until January). For fuck’s sake, you lost an election. It’s not the Nazis coming into power (despite any legit comparisons in the mindsets of Hitler and trump). You do a post-mortem, figure out what happened, and get ready to fight for the next two years once the actual legislation and shit comes.

5. The Trump Factor – This is the one that stumped me. I didn’t think the fucker could win. He says outrageous shit, appeals to the nativist tendencies of the GOP base, the Democrat working class voters, and anyone who’s just pissed off. He has no clear understanding of the Constitution based on what he’s said. He does demean women a lot, and pissed off minorities, especially latinos. Yet this wasn’t enough to get them to go running to Hillary.

And this unhinged asshole personality, combined with no set of political philosophies or principles, a slate of campaign promises that are untenable and/or impractical and/or clear flip-flops and/or just batshit insane, plus no political experience at all (outside of crony capitalist deals), and being a godawful businessman (he’s more of a snake oil salesman turned up to 11) is a combination that couldn’t possibly win,

Trump is a celebreality star, a marketer of his own name as a brand, a self-aggrandizing and attention-seeking fuck, and a speaker of divisive statements for the sake of making divisive statements. And people fucking ate this shit up. I really don’t get this. I look at this kind of person and do whatever it takes to boot them out of my sphere of existence. I think that’s why I underestimated what trump could do.

I do have to give him credit here. He has the ability to get people to nod their heads and agree with something. He can then sell himself, and he’s brilliant at it. It’s how he grew his reach and his legend when he wasn’t stealing property and crushing people with government force or bankrupting his businesses many times, or scamming people with an inferior and trumped-up product. And while I wouldn’t give a scumbag like him the time of day, he, like the Kardashians, appeal to large numbers of people, good or bad.

Sometimes, it just takes a charismatic brand saying the right shit to get elected. After all, that’s how we got 0bama.

So this leaves us a couple months before this cancerous mole on the ass of America takes office. I’m never going to like him. I will be watching. Perhaps I’ll be wrong, and he’ll govern as a completely different character than candidate trump. I hope so. Perhaps he’ll work with the GOP by running the tables with their agenda, or he’ll handjob the Democrats and unleash their governing philosophy. Maybe he’ll pick the best positions of both parties, or unleash the worst. Or maybe he’ll get pissed at China, hit the nuke button, and kill most of us off.

The truth is, we don’t know what a president trump will be like. I’ll give him space and time, and we’ll begin to judge him as his cabinet and inner circle take shape. And get ready to hopefully vote his ass out in four years, because still, fuck trump.


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  1. jerrycritter says:

    Perhaps the Dems blew it on purpose?

    • I doubt this. Simply because Hillary wouldn’t want to play second fiddle to anyone again. Plus, all the assumptions of pretty much EVERYONE that wasn’t a full-on trumptard was that Hillary was going to win, simply because the other option was so miserably awful. And is now president-elect.

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