And on the 2nd, Silence….

(this is my post for the 2nd, a day late because that’s usually the case. I will post something for the 3rd later today.)

It took me all of one day to fail to post anything. To be honest, after a bitch work day, and a run to Sidney for gaming (this time Lauren and not me), I forgot a few things. Some will cost more than others.

But that’s always been the tendency. I have been behind on a lot of things in my life, and this year, especially since the Cold to End All Colds (CTEAC) that began back in November, I’ve forgotten a lot of shit until just a little late.

Take the Christmas tree. I had planned on putting it out as usual the first available day after Thanksgiving. This last year, that fell to the next day. With the CTEAC in full swing, this stretched out to a week.

20170102_161343The prior year, I had flown through my Christmas shopping in record time, ordering the majority if things early and having time to dick around. This year (exacerbated by CTEAC), the last items were arriving on Xmas eve eve (Amazon is officially the BESTESTEST EVAR!).

And now, since I keep the tree blazing through January 1st, and since I was late even starting in on anything yesterday, the tree is still up, but clearly off, because (cue the John Lennon song) Christmas is o0000-ver, if you want it, Christmas is ooooo-ver noooooowwwwwwww!

(Sadly, that was some of the best singing I’ve done this season, as I legitimately couldn’t carry shit for a tune, because, again, CTEAC.)

Seriously, except for the Catholics, you should have your lights off now.

So back to what I originally wanted to post about on the 2nd, but totally failed to do so, the 2nd for me is always about deconstruction of the Christmas tree. It’s an end to light and joy, and a reminder of the cold, dark months ahead, until at some point, the light of spring arrives. There’s little joy until then, and the ending of those warm feelings is reflected in taking what took a few hours (or days because, everybody…, CTEAC!!!!!).

First, we remove the balls and ornaments (pretty much the blue and silver ones this year. Then comes the first sweeps of icicles (they’re pretty, but a bitch to deal with, ESPECIALLY when cleaning up). Then I’ll pull the lights (blue and white this year, but since it’s the 2nd when this picture was taken, no lights!). Then, because icicles, another sweep for icicles, this time with the actual sweeper (bagless also means you can collect more icicles. And then, finally, the tree comes down.

Now this may be the last year I use this tree, as it was not in the best shape when I bought it a decade ago (because I was with the Succubus at the time). In fact, it was a repacked clearance tree from Kmart. Also, I want a bigger tree, since I have 12 foot ceilings, and this is only a (theoretically) 6 1/2 foot tree.

Now this (except for the tree pole itself and my 48 inch wreath) all gets packed into 6 plastic tubs (it was 5 until last year), and will probably sit on my back porch until spring cleaning (unless I’m really lazy, then Thanksgiving, where I start the process again.

Either way, it’s a drawn out and depressing end to the most wonderful time of the year, especially when you’re running late doing it.


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