Why I Play Role-Playing Games

As my post from “yesterday” (that was really posted this morning) pointed out, one of the things that distracted me from posting was making a 20-mile run to take my daughter to go gaming. This was on top of my usual gaming on Saturday. I’m dedicated enough to sitting around a table playing games (board games, Magic: the Gathering, and RPGs) that I rung the new year in while playing a board game (although I did take Christmas Eve off (although we did break out a couple things anyway).

But what truly captures my imagination is the various role-playing games. Currently, we’re playing both Dungeons & Dragons (3.5), and Castles & Crusades (born from D&D 2 or so) and are set to have me step back in as gamemaster for Dead Gentleman’s Demon Hunters RPG. And I’m looking at a way to pull out the Pathfinder books and do something with that again.

For those of you not familiar with RPGs, a simple definition would be rules for playing make-believe. A more accurate description (especially since I’ve gotten away form gaming sessions being just an endless string of dick jokes (although there are still dick jokes a-plenty)) would be a process of interactive storytelling between the GM (the player who creates and controls the world) and the players who guide characters through the world, with dice (or sometimes other mechanics) adding randomness for all to enjoy. And when you have an imagination such as mine, you start to create lots of cool shit.

For example, in D&D, I’m currently running a female gnome sorceress named Gwynwyse (I love lots of Ys in a gnomish name), who specializes in blowing shit up. Really, that’s what she does, alongside a couple other gnomes, a half-orc who’s the son of another character from a prior campaign, and a paladin with a penchant for dying (really due to bad rolls and circumstance, not her noob status.

In C&C, I’m running a female halfling wizard named Primrose. She left a half-orc husband to begin adventuring, hunting for the murderer of her parents, as well as her elven wizard mentor. Also, since our world suddenly began having portals open after a thousand years and no direct knowledge on how to open them, it’s wonderful to have a character who now has even more to learn.

In Demon hunters, as I’m the GM, I’m preparing to guide my team through a ghost-centric adventure. And assuming most of the players have seen the reboot version of Ghostbusters (as not seeing the original is not an option), I’ll torment them with the option of getting the cool gear or trying to live in a world with only the much better movie with the less cool toys. Also, they’re going to suffer because their base is hidden under the local Waffle House, which is undergoing renovation in the real world.

As for Pathfinder, I’m looking at taking my daughter into a small, or maybe solo campaign, which will be the first city-based thing I’ve ever run. Just starting ideas on this, so I don’t have much more to say.

(I’d say more, but I have seconds to post this if I want to post it on the 3rd. Really, I’m editing this bit here, and it’s now the 4th as I add this line.)

So it’s really the chance to create with others that is the drive. And like here, in this blog, it’s not about the destination, but how you get there.


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