Back to School

Right now around 9:30 AM as I start typing, my house is quiet. As an aside, it was usually quiet at this time anyway, as the kids were reluctant to get out of bed, but there’s a difference between a quiet morning with kids that are starting to wake up (usually forced to, as I don’t want them staying up later than me) and a morning where the kids are gone (besides just the freedom to enjoy Naked Time!).

It’s been a long 2 weeks, mostly because when  I wasn’t working and yelling at kids between the incessant flow of calls (every work day), I was trying to get caught up with stuff that was still behind, finish the Christmas rush to buy, or just gather enough energy to give a shit for another hour. And when every waking moment (except work, shitting, and showing, is interrupted by kids (one bing rather autistic), it brings on a desire for some comically bloody child abuse with baseball bad done up in the style of Lucille (not real child abuse though, because bad).

But today was the first day both kids were gone. As a result, the quiet was not just due to tiredness permeating the house, but was a palpable presence, a time where I could walk into any room, unsheath my nuts, and let the air caress them without fear of a child walking in and eyeing my dong.

Okay, a lot of no kids time is also naked time. Not that I have an overwhelming desire to run around with my twig and berries flapping in the breeze, but not having younglings underfoot is awesome. It takes me back to where I could spend a day in barely anything sitting in front of a computer, playing a marathon gaming session into the middle of the night, then wake up just in time for work, then repeat.

So I value the hours the kids are schooling, as it means a kind of peace, the return to the singleness of my life before, when I maybe had a roommate, but also lived alone. When a girlfriend could come over and spend some time, then go the fuck away (something the Succubus was definitely not good at).

There has always been value and enlightenment in solitude. That’s something I don’t get when the kids are literally screaming at the top of their lungs right now, despite my attempt (finishing this post at 3:30) to remain in the zenlike state in which I am at my best typing.

Speaking of kids (who are bad enough that I almost wiped out this post due to distraction, but was saved because of autosave)), I have to go and beat them now….


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