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Technically, it’s now Sunday and I theoretically missed a day, but it’s also 2AM and I’m still running on Saturday time, and since it’s my blog this counts as Saturday, so THERE!

Actually, I’ll make it short since it is 2AM and I could use some sleep (but not naked time, because it’s cold). Tonight was a first for Castles & crusades since we started playing back in October. We got to actually fight some shit (something I just had to needle the GM over, because I’m a dick).

I won’t go into a lot of details (because it’s a lot of dice rolling, followed by describing what our mediocre die rolling was accomplishing), but as a halfling wizard, I did smack some Magic Missile goodness and my dagger into a goblin (and being a wizard that consistently rolls 1’s on my damage dice still didn’t kill him). Our real test was fighting a couple of pissed off giant snails. I set them afire. Twice. That was fun. I actually didn’t roll 1’s.

But really, what we accomplished was to have a good time. Because slapping on other characters and wondering through someone’s world trying to figure out all the odd shit they have populated it with is part of the fun. The other part is interacting with others while doing it. And as much as I like creating characters and worlds for others, it’s interacting with people that want to explore those worlds that aren’t ours (or partially not ours in the case of Demon Hunters next month) that makes the experience more than just playing a game.

So today was about gaming. Tomorrow I go back to cleaning, and putting all my gaming shit away until next time.

There’s always a next time.


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