Days Off and Headache Days

These are one in the same usually, because while I can limp through work with a headache, a headache on an off day usually gets me to sitting.

Today was no exception, as I crawled out of bed, made a bagel, laid down watching tv, got up to make burritos (which can be immensely improved with cheese, salsa, and sour cream), then proceeded to lay down and drift on the edge some more until it was dinnertime, at which the headache began receding. This is the normal pattern, and usually I’ll get one every week or two. I know it has something to do with my diet and weight, and if I can get those going back down, that’ll take out the headaches too.

But getting my body straight won’t happen for a little while. After all, I’m not far removed from that month and a half of coughing my lungs out (which, consequently did eliminate my headaches during that period). And now it’s cold. I don’t move much when it’s cold.

And what this really all meant was that I didn’t get shit done. I didn’t start laundry until 9, and this post until 11:56. And since I can’t type that fist, it just passed midnight. But I was operating in the AM posting for yesterday, so probably tomorrow there will be a post some time before really damned late.

And since I basically sat around trying to will myself to to move all day, I don’t have much to talk about, except that my daughter and I seem to have the same taste in TV right now. And it never hurts to revisit old shows that I didn’t really think I’d enjoy but ended up fascinating me and no one, upon hearing the premise of the show would think I’d watch that shit.

But stranger things have happened. Which reminds me of another show I need to revisit.


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