F*ck “Made in the USA”

(After the last few days of sickness and literal shit, it’s time to dig into something more disgusting. Feels good to have the word fuck back in the title. As well as the habit of stringing obscenities to represent the idiot trump.)

One of the “promises” of president-elect Fuckstick McDiclkhole’s campaign scam slogan of “Make America Great Again” was the false idea of keeping ‘Murican jobs in ‘Murica.

Now I get the appeal of the idea. After all, America is the greatest country in the world, etc, etc. I, too, on occasion have had a swell of national pride. Unless you’re actually anti-American (and those numbers on the left or right are very few), we all have. And on a surface level, the impulse to buy more local is not wholly wrong.

After all, could I be sitting in a local coffee house right now eating lunch and drinking coffee if people only bought shit from chains? True, it’s a small town, and we only have a couple fast food places and gas stations, but the principle is the same. Businesses (especially local ones) survive only as long as they have customers. And it comes down to our choices, and essentially voting with our dollars, that determines what products are available where we live, and to a lesser degree, where those products come from.

The important takeaway here, is that it’s determined by voluntary choice.

This was the point of trade agreements such as NAFTA and (probably, since the politics and secrecy made it hard to be sure) the TPP: Eliminate the barriers that hamper free trade, and allow trillions of choices by billions of people dictate what products would come from where.

I remember the “Made in the USA”thing was big back in the 80s, when I was busy growing up. There were movies, big posters anywhere there was a union hall, and on every aisle and end cap at Wal-Mart (I don’t think the left was considering them the great evil of our time at that point). And one of the big ones was foreign cars. at the time, that was the Japanese cars, mainly Honda, Toyota, and Nissan.

Today, some of the most American made cars out there are made by Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. Honda, in fact has at least 3 factories within an hour of here (actually worked at one for a short period, and the family’s business got lots of work from the Japanese-owned plants, including Honda and their subsidiaries and partners).

This has been the case with almost every aspect of our economy. As we open new markets, outsource the things where American companies can’t compete, innovate whole new damned markets and products and services, and reshape the workplace itself (I’ve worked from home for most of this decade and talk to plenty of others who do as well).

A point here is that for every job lost in manufacturing, other opportunities appear. The actual process is vastly more complicated that I can explain in a blog, and will not be a magical 1:1 exchange, but in a free market, individual choices will eventually lead to equilibrium. Hol

Of course, that’s in a free market. In world rankings, we’re only “Mostly Free”, and not even in the top 10. We’re not even the freest in North America (fucking Canada is).

And with the promise of hardball tactics and potential trade wars, coupled with strongarm and bribery tactics being used to keep ‘Murican jobs in ‘Murica (if you think I’m misrepresenting your position by intentionally making you sound inbred, then rethink your position; it sounds like a South Park parody), as well as the local and state attempt to price people out of the labor market with this “living wage” bullshit, AND the ever-growing pile of regulatory bullshit that comes along every year from all quarters, jobs are going to become more scarce and shit is going to get more expensive.

Unless President Jizztits was just bullshitting and is going to effectively tell his mouthbreathing followers to fuck off on this and do whatever benefits him (we are talking trump here, so it depends on who’s sucking his dick at the moment).

I only have to look at my last year in purchases to see why less global trade is bad. I wouldn’t have this computer, I wouldn’t be getting shit made all over the world shipped online  from other places in the country, and my selection of food would not have all the fresh vegetables and tasty unique items that it does now.

When I look at what was available in the retail stores and supermarkets of my youth, and what I can get locally (and now online) today, there’s nothing that makes me want to go back to the philosophy of “Made in the USA” ever again.


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