Board Game Night

Last week, our first game night of 2017 was a success, in that in Castles & Crusades, we finally got to kill shit, ANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Andy is GM for the game, so taunting him is an art form that I excel at, and only the treat of a character who will break the game stands between mine and oblivion.)

This is not to say that the purpose of an RPG is to go around killing shit, but in between roleplaying characters who interact with a world and its multitudinous facets, our wizards and rangers and knights and paladins like to do some sweet slaughter on bad guys.

But tonight, we can go the Munchkin route, by kicking down doors, killing their monsters, and taking their shit.

Because tonight is board game night. Links for all the potential games to follow.

The fun of board game night is that it can be a simple exercise in rolling and moving for victory, or an immersive experience where we do a bit or roleplaying.

For example, in the stack I’ve assembled so far, there’s a game called Last Night on Earth, where most of us take the roles of heroes in a zombie horror flick, trying to complete the game’s objective (like killing enough zombies or driving out of town) before the remaining player(s) who are running the zombies get to nom nom on some brains. The mechanics of the game can be boring if you don’t immerse yourself in the pulp aspect of the game.

It’s similar for Castle Panic. Essentially, you draw cards to defeat monsters before they destroy all your towers. Where the fun comes in is rolepalying shooting or hacking the monsters to death (or my daughter’s favorite, dumping tar on their BALLS! (the tar card stops a monster from advancing, but scorching testes makes it more entertaining). It’s also a co-op game, so it spurs a lot of humorous interactions as you try to not die (although not in the intense and tension-inducing nightmare that a game like Pandemic tends to do).

Speaking of Pandemic, this is a game where players race to save the world from horrible diseases that seek to wipe out humanity and make the players lose. when you become invested in blue cubes on Madrid, start naming the diseases (the Zombie plague and Goat AIDS are two of our standbys), and dread flipping that last card because you know that it’s the gateway to the coughing puking, shitting, bleeding death (kind of like my last month and a half without the dying), then you know you’re in for a treat.

The last games I have are the short ones. First, theres a little card and dice one called Dragonwood. Not sure on this one yet, as I’ve played it once. But it’s a short game, with cards and dice, and a couple dragons. We like killing dragons. Especially when the monk one-punches the heart out of the big bad one in the epic final battle in my Pathfinder campaign (I adjusted my critical hit chart after that).

And one of my favorites for short games is Dungeon Roll. It’s a simple dice-rolling dungeon delve, where picking your character at the beginning often is the difference between victory and defeat (and I win this one a LOT).

So there’s just a sample of some of the games we’ll be playing tonight. Again, finding good games with good mechanics is important, but it’s playing with people that makes the experience worth something. Otherwise you’re just playing cards, rolling dice, and wondering what the hell you’re doing with your life.

Or you spend the first couple hours of your morning writing a post between calls, because 7am is too fucking early to get up on a Saturday for fucking fuck’s sake I want to sleep in….


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