Sorting Cards

Game night, as usual, was a success (it’s always a success when you get to game).

True, the monsters of Castle Panic overran us and killed us deader than hell, and after one game of Last Night on Earth where our humans blew up enough zombie spawn pits to win, they overran us and turned us to nom nom candy defending the manor in the second game. And I got home an hour later than I’d hoped, which means I’m all tired as all shit out, which means, as I write this sentence, I’ve been up for 2 1/2 hours. On Sunday. That sucks.

Still, it was a good night.

In addition, someone brought extra common and uncommon Magic: the Gathering cards as a free gift (Thanks, Andy!), and I stocked up on some really awesome shit and some actual shit. At least three of those cards went into one of my commander decks, making it more awesomererererererererererer……

Which brings me to this morning, and sorting cards.

Yeah, it’s as boring as it sounds. But it’s also absorbing and interesting when you get them all cataloged for faster deck building.

So to explain, there’s a few ways to sort cards. I’ll try to include some explanation for non-Magic players, so bear with me either way.

First, I separate land from non-land cards (non-land cards require land cards to use them). I then separate them by their rarity (common, uncommon, rare, and mythic rare, which the rarer the card, the more likely it will have cash value and more power), keeping uncommon and better in a binder. I then separate by color (white, red, green, blue, black, multicolored, and colorless (most cards require specific colors to use them). For the commons, I keep them in a box, so I also sort them by mana (land) cost, and then alphabetically, since I can make sure multiple copies are kept together.

In the binder, It’s usually enough to just keep them grouped by rarity, color, and spell type (creatures and non-creature spells (which have various effects)).

Today, it took me an hour (with interruptions) to burn through the stack. I then moved on to updating one deck with newer, better cards (with all the cards out there, getting as many great cards in a deck is a necessity.

Now, with all this organization, I’m ready to find and infect some poor fuckers by addicting them introduce new people to playing Magic. I can even build new decks (normal decks contain 60 cards, and I probably have somewhere in the avenue of a few thousand (which is not a lot of cards when you really get into Magic) .

One last thing: I think I’m too tired to end this post with a witty outro sentence, so I’ll just ramble, then trail off while filling my onesie with Magic cards, as I have nothing but skin underneath for my personal awesome gratification.

As long as I avoid papercuts….


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