OF COURSE He’s Gonna F*ck Us

I swear, every time I get near the toxic mess of piss, personality, and politics that make up the bullshittery of president-elect Dicktits McCuntyballs, the word fuck gets used. A lot.

The latest is parsing the bullshit that gets spewed out when he talks about replacing the abomination known as 0bamacare.

To understand this, we have to start with the insanity of the (Un)Affordable Health Care Act, which is now coming up on 6 years old.

It forced insurance companies to cover people who could not previously get insurance, expanded the number of people that had reduced coverage. This, on the surface is good.

However, it did it by shifting the costs onto people with higher incomes. And by higher, I mean people who are already punished for making just a little too much, like my sister, a one-person home-business owner, and her husband, a barber/small business owner, who’s insurance, with a deductible of $6000, has easily quadrupled over the last few years.

And it has started shrinking the number of available insurance companies, the number of options for people who have insurance, has led to increasing costs, as there’s an increasing disconnect between health care costs and demand (which is what got us to the insurance mess that led to 0bamacare).

Sot that brings us to the GOP attempts to repeal 0bamacare. Which, if not done correctly, will fuck a lot of people who have insurance while not unfucking the people who are already fucked because of the overpriced fuckery.

(And yeah, the fucks are flying now….)

But the biggest wrinkle (or ass cancer in this case) is the incoming president, who’s about as consistent as my shit (as prior posts can attest, that goes from solid to soup in 1.9 seconds flat).

It’s easiest to quote the article I linked to above to show this insanity:

President-elect Donald Trump said in a weekend interview that he is nearing completion of a plan to replace President Obama’s signature health-care law with the goal of “insurance for everybody,” while also vowing to force drug companies to negotiate directly with the government on prices in Medicare and Medicaid.

So he’s going to replace the universal insurance of 0bamacare with “insurance for everybody” instead? That makes no sense outside of a trumptard brain. It’s effectively meaningless, unspecific, and given Cheeto Hitler’s tendencies (yeah, hyperbolic, but it’s a hilarious name), it’s bound to be someone forced at the point of a gun to do something.

Which is where the second part of the above quote comes in. As usual, he approaches the situation by saying he’ll force someone to do something. Also, when the government shows up with guns to negotiate, it’s really not negotiating.

I will say that there are crony laws that protect the drug companies (they’re also helping to drive the immoral and evil War on Drugs), and repealing those would be a positive. But I don’t imagine that liberty is part of trump’s vocabulary.

I can’t judge his actual plan, because of course he hasn’t released it. But just on his statements alone, there’s nothing that makes me think the one-time Democrat supporter of universal health care has changed his tune since the GOP thought it would be a good idea to make him their nominee.



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