Having missed my second post this month and ALMOST missing this one (except for my irregular bowels which got me up long enough to remember), I had mu usual moment of reflection on why I stopped blogging regularly in the first place.

I hate repeating myself.

When it comes to politics, I was doing a lot of that. And I also got frustrated that no one said anything new or changed their mind. Especially  since I’ve gone from stock conservative to hardcore libertarian in the decade I’ve been blogging.

As for my daily life, it’s nothing but repetition as it is for most people. And that bores me. It’s also why I wrote about my sickness that took a month and a half to lick. I don’t get sick that often, so coughing and puking and shitting are at least something different.

As is typing my first post while sitting in bed naked and on a tablet. While it’s good for short form typing, it cant replace a real keyboard.

And since I was going to go to sleep before I remembered what is starting to become a tedious task (at least until inauguration day), I think I’ll just stop.


About patrickmspeaks

Father, tech-head, political sage, and the Illustrious One of (little) 3x2 fame, I have been blogging for a few years now, and want to stretch in new directions, discover new things, and redefine redefining just for the fun of it. Nonetheless, having produced a pointless paragraph about me, I'll stop before something bursts.
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