Inauguration Day (Where’s the Asteroid?)

(A quick note: I was unable to write yesterday as I was down all day with a headache. I wish it was today, so I could sleep through this shit.)

I was planning on reminiscing on the presidents I’ve seen come and go over the years yesterday, then verbally lambasting the shitbag that just got inaugurated. I was going to do so quietly, with nothing by my years of dislike before the bastard started running to fuel my gleeful vitriol.

So I got to the coffee shop for lunch and the aforementioned evisceration, and of course they have the inauguration on the TV. I positioned myself where I mostly can’t see it, but being in rural Ohio, I know most of the people here voted for that fuckstick. It so makes me want to verbally lash out that so many people fell for the bullshit this fucking snake oil salesman blathered out, shit that he said primarily to get elected.

True, most politicians do this, but usually there’s a core of beliefs they started from. Love or hate 0bama, at least we knew he came from a solid radical left position (that of course he abandoned when convenient or there was somebody overseas to kill).

George W Bush was very much from the conservative tradition. That he didn’t mind growing the government like Bill Clinton’s dick at an intern convention, culminating in the bipartisan butfucking of 2008, was incidental.

I can say the same things about Reagan and Clinton. The elder Bush, at least, got punished for fucking over the people who elected him.

But now, other that a belief that he can fix shit because he’s trump, I have no clue what the new president, Clitshit McFucktit, will actually do.

Some predictions:

First of all, consider the sad fucking excuse for a man. We have someone who is so thin skinnned he starts twitter fights with every fucking person out there . The latest, with Dem Rep John Lewis, who has a history of skipping inaugurations. Considering the president is supposed to be above the petty politics (every other president in my life I can remember was), this is not a good start.

Then consider his tendencies to bully. Whether with verbal beatdowns or lawsuits, he uses force or at least the veiled threat of it, to get what he wants. Russian interference in the election aside, he seems to have found a kindred spirit in the former KGB thug and Russian president Vladimir Putin. And a strongman always needs someone to beat down.

Finally, consider the narcissism. This is a man who built his empire based on name recognition. By making himself and his name a product. And his track record is nice and mixed, with lawsuits currently out on Trump University, plenty of bankruptcy, the use of the courts to get his revenge, and the use of the law to steal property from people (since he is a lover of the abomination that was the Kelo decision).

So as for predictions:

  • Expect him to take 0bama’s pen and phone and try to end run Congress every chance he gets, because it’s a 50/50 whether he gets the actual Constitution to wipe his ass with, or just has it printed  on the tp stocked in the presidential shitter.
  • He will find an “enemy” to rail against in many, if not all his speeches. That will be either the immigrants (rapists who came over to steal our shit, then go back to steal our jobs), the Chinese (because they’re cheating us and selling us junk we could be making here in the US of A for only twice the price), or the Muslims (since they’re all dirty fucking raghead terrorists). Insert the usual Hitler reference, except also with the megalomania and without the charm (side note: best nickname I’ve heard for him is Cheeto Hitler).
  • As he is a thug, expect every speech to be about increasing security or the government doing shit for people. Nothing about individual liberty. And expect him to say “I” more than 0bama. After all, this is the asshole who created a TV show around himself for his own self-aggrandizement.
  • When it becomes clear he can’t end run around everyone in DC (may the city burn in hell), he will have to start paying off and dealing with people. And as there are no aforementioned guiding principles, that means he will have everything up for negotiation. Everything. So if you have some skin in the game in his election, you may not when he gets done. And he probably won’t even have the goddamn common courtesy to give you a reacharound after he fucks you in the ass, expect to be unsatisfied.hat Speaking of grabbing ’em by the pussy, if he gets a second term (at which point, I give up giving a fuck whether this country lives), we will get a Clinton-level scandal with him and some hot piece of ass (no dumpy interns for him, dammit). That will be one of the few good things things that will come along.
  • And if he hasn’t already done it by then, he’s going after the press, the first amendment, the internet, and everywhere people can call him a fucking piece of shit lying rapist snake oil salesman fuck who got elected so he could jerk off in the oval office 24/7/365 just to satisfy his hardon for power.

So yeah, as I sit here and hear bits and pieces of his inaugural speech, I’ll just say this:

Fuck you, America, you asked for it.

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