Why Democracy Must Die

When I sat down today for my usual desire to splatter vitriol over the page during the inauguration of president Jizztits McShitfuck (who, as I write this, is officially POTUS, with no cleansing asteroid in sight of DC), there was one thing that crossed my mind that didn’t fit in that spout of vitriol.  And I figured I wouldn’t make it the title, because I don’t like self-censoring the title (but I do so out of respect for others), so let me put this in the font that it deserves:


Yeah, I said it and I mean it. And I’m not saying it just because trump was elected.,or inaugurated today, or I didn’t like the result of some damned election.

It’s because democracy (which is NOT WHAT OUR COUNTRY IS!!!!) is as great an evil as a totalitarian regime. Perhaps greater, because it’s not just one narcissistic fuck, or a ruling body of thugs, but the majority of people assenting to stealing, beating, raping, and murdering those they decide don’t deserve equal rights.

Consider the lynch mob. The lynch mob is the model of a democratic justice system. The majority decides, or assents, to meting out punishment, and the mob carries out the sentence. No rule of law, no protection of the rights of the accused, no weighing of facts. Just a decision by the majority to act and execute someone they decided was guilty.

A shorter version I’ve heard: Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding on dinner.

To go further, consider what the Constitution of the United States, the amendments, as well as the principle of natural law on which they are based are designed to do. First of all, these document never mention the word democracy. This is for a reason. Because their purpose (although flawed at times), are to secure the right of individual from encroachment by their government. They’re designed to secure specific rights (speech, press, to bear arms, no unreasonable search or seizure of person or property, , and so on), and to create limits to what the government can do. It allowed for the people to elect representatives to one house of Congress and a Senate eelcted by the states (later fucked up by the 17th amendment). It created an executive who was not elected by the people at all (because you have no constitutional right to vote for president (this was clarified in Bush v Gore). To quote the decision:

The individual citizen has no federal constitutional right to vote for electors for the President of the United States unless and until the state legislature chooses a statewide election as the means to implement its power to appoint members of the Electoral College. U.S. Const., Art. II, §1.

And the constitution also created an independent judiciary that was designed to be able to take a law that made it past Congress and the President, with popular support, and throw it out on the grounds that it’s unconstitutional, with the only recourse at that point being either amending the constitution or overthrowing the government (and I’m not sure which is easier).

The point of this is that we are a constitutional republic designed to check democracy at every turn, and to secure liberty for everyone, especially against the majority.

And yes, I will freely acknowledge that it didn’t completely secure the rights of every individual throughout its history (from slavery on down). But the principal involved was not the rule of the majority, but the rule of law which, in theory, would serve all individuals as equals.

The whole handjobbing of democracy started with Woodrow Wilson, president and warmongering racist  genocidal progressive fuck. Getting people to buy into the idea of democracy was key in the progressive years to carry out majoritarian erasure of the rights of lesser folks. After all, if most people agree that some populations should be sterilized, or forcing a small group to be fleeced to benefit the majority, that makes it ok, right?

Since then, politicians have been paying lip service to this perverse idea, or actively embracing it (BECAUSE THEY’RE FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND THEY’RE HERE TO HELP!)

So the next time a politician stands up and talks about our democracy, shout the obscene bastard down for flat out lying to you. Because to embrace the idea of pure democracy is to embrace the idea that no minority should be free to seek life on their own terms.

Because the choice is freedom or democracy, but never both.


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