Game Night – Dungeons & Dragons

(Side note: for anyone familiar with D&D and its many incarnations, we’re playing 3.5).

So tonight we break out the ol’ D&D. That game that was the bane of 80s normal parents and the religious right, the source of scorn in the classic Chick tract, and the very game the boys play at the beginning and end of the Neflix series Stranger Things. The game that was the source template by varying degrees for every RPG to come.

I’ll try not to cover anything I already said in my game night post for C&C and and the post Why I Play Role-Playing Games, since what I said there applies here.

So tonight, I’ll unleash my gnome sorceress, Gwynwyse. I’ll throw fire at shit, because she likes to burn shit. We’ll try to avoid having our paladin die again (as I said, she’s a noob, and bad luck and bad rolls let to the GM having to figure out mercy resurrections (which are always easier when you’re dealing with a holy warrior (if/when Gwyn dies, I probably get to make a new character)).

Of course, this game is a little less serious than the C&C campaign. But that’s how games should be. Some can strike a more serious tone, some can be a little more fun, and some can be so fucking off the wall that it devolves to nothing but dick and fart jokes (I may share some stories staring a human named Eddie and a Vulcan named Savon at some point in the future).

I might have to share some more tomorrow, but since it’s already after 5 as I type this, and I have to get shit ready to go, I must leave it here.



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