Mental Multiverse

One of the things I’ve done since as far back as I can remember, is maintain a world with its own fiction in my head. Over the years, that has expanded to include a multiverse that’s all interconnected. I’m pretty sure I’ve had to retcon a few billion things, but the advantage of the multiverse is that I can start over again and again and again and again….

I often set my worlds in other fictional universes (usually the Trek multiverse, as it has the most options for a larger cast), and I often find my cast interacting in some small way with that universe’s cast, although my worlds have cast that has varied over the ears, but always contains certain elements.

I have a main character around whom the adventures revolve. He usually has a love interest, who has varied widely over the years, especially depending on who in the real world exists in a fictional form in some way, (for example, my daughter’s name came from a character in my world. That character is usually the sister of my main character now). Characters of note from my role-playing game past, Eddie McPherson and Savon (already Trek characters) show up regularly as well. I have at least one brilliant tech person, a couple people with weapons skills, specialists for the specific world, and powers for my main character that tie him to every incarnation in the multiverse.

As I said, retconning abounds.

As I’ve matured, I’ve played with story elements that are less flattering to my characters, as I find more flaws and generally do more damage to them in every iteration. In early iterations, it was about fighting a bad guy. Standard pulp shit. Ideas of models of government, and morality, and the nature of existence have intruded, especially in the ideas of libertarian philosophy (which are wonderful elements to explore in the Trekverse and its clear socialist utopian bent. It gets distopian awful fast.

I won’t go into any details (as I don’t generally share any of this multiverse with anyone), but the fight against the Federation shadow agency Section 31, this time in the Abramsverse is heating up (I’m far enough away in time from the Abrams movies that I have license to ignore most of them although the Section 31 element means at least a mention of the events of the bullshit movie Star Trek: into Darkness, as in they were involved in an incident that destroyed a large part of San Francisco, and THAT’S IT! because fuck that stupid fucking movie).

My head has always been full of ideas, and in the quiet moments, it’s nice to have a little something to play with, to test my storytelling elements when I’m not actively writing something else. It gives me practice so that when I do need to create, I’m not trying to work atrophied muscles, and my voice can soar.

Now if I could just get my singing voice (which was seriously boned by my cough/cold mess back in November/December/January) back to its normal hardcore tenor awesomenessness. That’s next on my list of things to fix.


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